I, for one, welcome our new german menstruating barbie overlords

"Menstruations-Barbie selbst gemacht"

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29 Responses:

  1. My inner pyro says the string coming out of the tampon looks like the fuse to an improvised firework.

  2. oh MAN!!

    now, if *I* could just start MENSTRUATING. FUCKING. BOOZE. holycrap.

    "there's a party in my pants, and you KNOW that everyone's invited..."

  3. what the hell????

    those crazy germans!

  4. ninjagirl says:

    My *mother* sent me this link yesterday. :(

    brainsoap plz.

  5. rawdogue says:

    She needs a tennis racket, or something.

  6. ammonoid says:

    They even made little tiny barbie tampons.

    Does anyone remember Baby Oops! that went pee in her diaper? That was wierd. But not as wierd as this.

  7. valentwine says:

    The Japanese probably have one that shits all over Ken's face.

  8. I could almost swear you've posted this (perhaps by a different person) before! Maybe it was some other sort of menstruating mannequin?

    • iota says:

      all that JWZ ever posts is pictures of inanimate objects menstruating and octopods fornicating with sad teenage females.

      thats why they invented livejournal

    • everdred says:

      I don't know if jwz posted this, but I remember this making the link-rounds a few months ago. Boing Boing, for one, posted it.

  9. bikerwalla says:

    Dear Germans, (etc.)

  10. fastfwd says:

    That's OK. In a few years, Menopause Barbie will hunt down and kill everyone involved with this.

  11. giles says:

    Why do women complain about the prospect of wearing "bulky pads" when they have to conceal a giant eyedropper on their person once a month?

  12. crazy4cats says:

    what are they gonna think of next, Giving Birth Woman? Or Taking A Dump Man?

    This is just too bizarre, and the others comments are priceless. This one is for the memories, baby....

    dear lords....

    [walks off laughing uncontrollably to herself]

  13. Also, I love that it's Campari.

  14. chloralone says:

    Hopefully they squeeze a raw beef steak to use the blood.

  15. recursive says:

    That's almost as bad as the hacked-up visible man in "Sick: The Life and Death of Bob Flanagan, Supermasochist".

  16. chuck_lw says:

    The next-generation ones will have an internal blood sac -- located right next to the artificial urine bladder -- and programmed to have a certain moodyness coinciding with the phases of the Moon.

  17. so_hat_yi says:

    do you have stairs in your house?