Boom: A semi truck exploded on Highway 6 while carrying 35,000 pounds of explosives. At least 19 people were injured in Wednesday's blast, which also left a crater in the asphalt, 30-feet-deep. The truck was "pretty much vaporized" in the explosion, Royce said. "The entire road is gone, shoulder to shoulder, there's no asphalt left."

[...] After being knocked off the motorcycle, he said he looked up "at a mushroom cloud of fire, and shrapnel just starts falling down." "The shrapnel is hitting the forest, and crackling like bacon."

Update: Better pictures here:

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  1. pdx6 says:

    So the truck contained explosive bacon?

  2. Note to truckers everywhere: When you're carrying over 17 tons of explosives, you might want to slow down for the turns a bit.

  3. wehmuth says:

    "The shrapnel is hitting the forest, and crackling like bacon."

    Now there's a quote for the next Godspeed You! Black Emperor album.

  4. wilecoyote says:

    Wait a minute. The truck driver *survived*????

    • solarbird says:

      The explosion took place three minutes after the crash, ignited by the fire caused by the wreck itself. The driver was pulled from the wreck before it went off.

    • lars_larsen says:

      That says it was TNT. I didnt think heat was enough to detonate TNT. I wonder if it mixed with another chemical in the crash to become that unstable?

      • Pentolite is what it was, which is about half PETN, which is heat sensitive (though you get better performance with heat and blast together, ie a blasting cap or other typical detonater), and half TNT. You stick your detonater in the things they were carrying, and stick that in your ANFO or other cheap low sensitivity explosive, and it gives enough kick to reliable set off the ANFO, which a blasting cap would not.

        • lars_larsen says:

          Volatile explosives are stupid.

          • That is what I would have thought, but then again, it may well be that for an initator, you need the kind of bang that you get from them. Then again, C4 just burns, it is RDX and vasoline, basically. So why not use RDX based explosives? Or stuf that you can make on site, such as Amonium Nitrate/Aluminum/Nitro Methane (sealed container of amonium nitrate and powdered aluminum, open and pour in nitro methane, stick in blasting cap, and there you go).

  5. mark242 says:

    Unavailable for comment.

  6. dustout says:

    ... boom tommorow, always boom tommorow...

  7. tbye says:

    The crater is 60-80 ft. wide and 35 ft. deep. Very impressive. They also said the truck was transporting blasting caps... designed to detonate much larger caches of explosives used in mining.

  8. zonereyrie says:

    There is some discussion of this at <lj comm="disasterporn"> too.

  9. fo0bar says:

    Those wacky Utahans and their explosives...

    UDOT admits it was at fault in backyard artillery accident

    The Utah Department of Transportation said it was most definitely at fault when an artillery round that easily could have killed several people landed in a Pleasant Grove family's back yard Wednesday afternoon. The round was meant for avalanche control in Provo Canyon.

    Tom Hudachko, a Utah Department of Transportation spokesman, said crews were conducting
    avalanche control with the cannon in the vicinity of Slide Canyon and Lost Creek when the 105 mm howitzer projectile was launched over the mountainside. A total of eight rounds were fired by a gunner team, and it initially appeared the final round was a dud.

    • jkonrath says:

      The agency's executive director, John Njord, visited the Connor family, whose back yard was hit by the round, and their neighbors at 10 a.m. Thursday.

      Are we sure that a robot was not sent back in time to overload that shell so it would hit the Connor family's house?

  10. cranaic says:

    they were showing footage of the explosion in heavy rotation here in Utah. Looked like a tactical nuclear warhead.

    quote from footage:

    "this guy says, hey, are they gonna clear the road soon? and I said, dude, the road is *gone*"