ballistic camera

Ballistic camera: "In the near future, a soldier who needs a quick look over the next hill will be able to aim his rifle skyward, fire a grenade-sized reconnaissance device and instantly receive imagery on his pocket computer," writes Defense News' Barbara Opall-Rome. Grunts just fire the disposable "ballistic cameras" from "standard-issue M203 grenade launchers attached to M16 or other assault rifles," and then wait for the pictures to come back, 8 seconds and 600 meters later.

9 Responses:

  1. ghostfreeman says:

    Looks like a shitty grenade

  2. jesus_x says:

    It's voyuerotica from the battlefield! See enemy troops in their most intimate moments, just then they thought no one could see!

    Also perfect for stalkers boyfriends, as now you can fire a camera into the bedroom of that girl who is crazy for you without violating that pesky restraining order (because we all know someone else put her up to it)!

  3. fantasygoat says:

    I'll wait for the hovering version, thanks.

  4. phoenixredux says:

    Just remove the fins for convenient at-home coloscopys.

  5. asan102 says:

    I'm very surprised that something like this wasn't invented a long time ago. Seems like a pretty simple concept.

  6. korgmeister says:

    I wonder if this'll be included in the next 'Full Spectrum Warrior' game?