Arrrrrbecue photos

Arrrrrbecue photos
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  1. edlang says:

    Arrrrrbecue photos must be too hot for this internet because jwz's internet is, like, a pirate in the middle of the Sahara. Lost, incommunicado and very much longing to be reunited with his sweet elixir of life. Not to mention peg legs aren't very effective when it comes to walking on sand.

  2. purple_b says:

    looks like the real "fun" happened after I left.

  3. ninjarat says:

    (and then my battery died, and I started shooting with my phone)

    I read somewhere that the best camera in the world is the one you have with you.
    I think this perfectly illustrates the point. Better to have a dinky little camera that works than a nice camera that doesn't.

    (This is also why I carry spare batteries when I'm doing lots of photography :).

  4. whittles says:

    I still think he looks like he should be cobbling some shoes.

  5. YAY, these are FANTASTIC! thanks!

  6. suppafly says:

    what a bitch'n idea