no ski = zombies

Dammit! The ski jump down Fillmore street, originally scheduled for this saturday, has been cancelled due to whining!

I was planning on getting up early and everything.

That means there's only one thing left to do: Zombie Invasion of the Beijen/Tulchin wedding!

But perhaps no one is more irate than Laurie Beijen and her fiance, Ben Tulchin, who are getting married at the historic Flood Mansion at Broadway and Fillmore the day of "Icer Air 2005."

"I can't even describe how hard this has been, to come down two weeks before our wedding," she said. "No bride should have to face this before she gets married."

The Flood Mansion, which costs $8,500 to rent for a wedding, did not receive notice of "Icer Air 2005" until recently.


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today in Killdozer news

Man Charged With Drunken Bulldozer Ride

A man was drunk when he tried to run down two law enforcement officers while driving a 10-ton bulldozer, authorities said.

William Armstrong, 52, refused to stop as his Caterpillar excavator rumbled toward a Geauga County sheriff's deputy and Thompson Township police chief who had parked in his path Monday night. He missed the retreating officers, but damaged a parked sheriff's car.

Officers eventually persuaded the Thompson Township man to stop the vehicle. Armstrong's blood-alcohol level was .244 percent, more than three times the legal limit of 0.08, according to sheriff's tests.

"I'm glad talking worked, because I don't know how else we would have stopped him," said Sheriff Dan McClelland.

Armstrong was jailed after pleading innocent Tuesday to two felony counts of assault on a law enforcement officer. His bulldozer was confiscated by the sheriff's office.


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dirty, dirty, dirty movies.

Some day a real rain will come:

The back of a dump truck delivering 20 tons of dirt to businesses on Sixth Street in San Francisco tipped and crashed into an adult video arcade this morning, narrowly missing three patrons. The back of the truck tipped over to the side and into the wall of the store, shattering windows and dumping dirt into the part of the store that houses booths for video peep shows.

Firefighters used a thermal imager to ensure that no one had been buried dead or alive under the mound of dirt. Then they closed off the area and waited for a building inspector to deem the building structurally sound.

This is the second accident in as many years to damage adult stores at the corner of Sixth and Mission streets. On Dec. 15, 2003, a 14-Mission bus slammed into the Golden Gate Adult Superstore across the street from the Liberty Bookstore. Seventeen people were hurt in that accident.

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today in Afghani Extreme Sports news

Paragliding heroin smuggler shot down

Yesterday, when he crossed the ranges that divide Afghanistan from Tajikistan, his canopy was brought crashing to earth in a hail of machinegun bullets. In the wreckage 18kg of heroin was discovered, although by the time the Tajik guards were able to retrieve it the smuggler had run off into the mountains.

Sabza Sarkorov, the deputy head of the Tajik border guards, said that the paraglider had probably been injured. An investigation is under way.

Paragliding is a popular sport in Tajikistan, where the topography is similar to that of the Himalayas. But this is thought to be the first instance of a paraglider regularly transporting contraband.