Still very pleased with the Treo 650. I can read my mail on it, the web browser is not bad, and I found a very good Tetris. I still require some Lazyweb action, however:

  • I have yet to figure out how to convert an MP3 file to a ringtone that will work on the Treo. Please advise:

    • What format does the Treo want its ringtones in?

    • How do I make one of those from a WAV or MP3?

    • How do I then get that file into the phone?

    • Answer: cdavies has the goods on converting WAV to AMR! It's a hassle, but it works.

  • It takes eight minutes to hotsync (over bluetooth) even when nothing has changed. Is that normal? (Because it's not exactly "reasonable").

      Answer: "Bluetooth sucks, use USB." 45 seconds.
  • Apparently the function of the LED on the phone is "blink constantly when the phone is on". that's useless (and distracting, when it's sitting on my desk). I want the LED to blink when I have voicemail or SMS, and to be off otherwise. How do I do that?

      ½ Answer: 1) upgrade firmware; 2) then there's a preference in the Phone app to not blink the LED. I think it still doesn't light up when there is voicemail, though, which is still dumb.

      ½ Answer #2: LEDoff will also turn the LED off, if you don't want to upgrade the firmware. It also claims to be able to turn the LED on for voicemail, but that doesn't work on my phone.

  • I have yet to find an AIM client for the phone that fails to suck. I want it to be always connected; pop up SMS-like notifications when new messages come in; and allow simultanious connection to AIM along with the copy of Adium running on my desktop. (Yes, this is possible. You can have concurrent AIM logins from different computers with Adium and GAIM, but not with iChat or with any of the PalmOS AIM clients I've tried).

      ½ Answer: Apparently Verichat has a preference to not kick you off your other AIM connections, and it seems to be a pretty reasonable AIM client (though it has caused my phone to lock up hard several times). However, they not only charge you for the software, they also charge a yearly subscription fee, which is just absurd.

As always, please only answer if you know the answer. I'm never interested in your guesses.

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