two hundred fifty thousand superballs

Ten Two hundred fifty thousand superballs: why was I not notified?

Update, Oct 24: Finished commercial.
Making-of video.

Update: More awesome photos.

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20 Responses:

  1. WHAT NOW??? why was *I* not told?

    i blame you.

    • whittles says:

      I second that blame placing.

      Just the pictures make me all giddy! Can we have these at the next party inside the bouncy room?

      • oh god, the damage THAT would inflict *wince*

      • jwz says:

        See, when we were first talking about getting a bouncy castle, I instead wanted us to just get enough 4" plastic balls to fill the entire ground floor of the club to a depth of about four feet. But, we couldn't find a place that sold those balls for less than about 5¢ each. I figured that'd take around 300,000 balls, which would have been $15,000 (not counting shipping).And then what do you do with them? I favored just opening the door at the end of the night and setting them free on 11th street, but someone might have noticed.However, in researching this, I was delighted to discover that one can also buy ball suckers and ball washers!

        "Move balls from one ball bath to another or creates a ball fountain! You can combine it with a ball washing machine, so that your kids will play in heaps of hygienic balls!"

        BTW, this is the place I was telling you about last night that supposedly has started doing hiphop dj events.

        • whittles says:

          I know some people like that.

          It's a damn shame you can't do the plastic balls thing. Maybe you can just not so subtly convince people to collect them from various chucky cheeses and such for a year until the next party and then bring them all in to see how far we've gotten. Brownie points for whoever gets the most balls!

          and hiphop shows there? only if they where the party hats... like jess did...

  2. armoire_man says:

    And why isn't there video, 'n shit?

  3. lanikei says:

    didn't they used to do this at reed college every year?

    • seminiferous says:

      they still do, but it has decreased in scale over the last couple years.

      • besserby says:

        yeah. It was awesome when I was a freshmen but they keep toning it down. Something to do with the cops getting angry about 1200 students + faculty + staff + alumni crowding along a steep hill street at 3am and dropping 30,000 bouncy balls from the top of it. Someone joker put bouncy balls that lit up (yay) and golf balls (ow!) in as well.

        I'm on the student senate and I, for one, fully intend to make sure the people we choose to organize Renn Fayre give us a ball drop this year.

  4. tfofurn says:

    I smell a new xscreensaver hack. Sadly, modern hardware probably isn't ready for modeling even 10,000 superballs yet.

  5. inkbot says:

    "Now they know how many balls [sic] it takes to fill the Albert Hall..."

  6. greatbiggary says:

    Most excellent. Have you seen the Ping-Pong Ball Avalanche? They got it up to 320k balls for sake of science. There are videos, too.

    There's also the super ball prank that's been making the RSS rounds. Looks like the site might be down.

  7. edlang says:

    The money shot into this:

    Woman on cell: He wants a confetti cannon? A goddamned confetti cannon? No, I'm not...He is not getting a confetti cannon at the pier! I...Well, I like battery-operated dildos, but that doesn't mean I'm getting one that shoots confetti all over the goddamned pier!

  8. rpkrajewski says:

    Hey, I sent that link to your buddy MLY. So blame him.

    I'm using that first picture as my desktop background.