Today's Mailbag

Thank you for Notifying me of your Night Time Erections:

A memo from my building's Home Owners Association Board of Directors:

My working-class neighbors will appreciate the consideration!

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18 Responses:

  1. Yeah, geez. Show some respect for the poor bastards who still have to erect things at night for a living, you millionaire bastard.

    We know what you do for a living... you make too much noise! Look, we've even got police records of how much of a trouble-maker you are about making noise!

  2. quercus says:

    And as one, the London geek-goth fraternity double-checked the journal name to see just who's journal they were reading...

    Goddamnn rich yuppie types, annoying the neighbours with their jet engines and plasma cutters.

  3. Heh, "keep your entertaining inside your unit".

  4. "working-class neighbors"...

    #1 its not the "working-class" that makes any noise?
    #2 do you live next to a coal mine?
    #3 .. damn that phrase is condescending sounding either way

    • gths says:

      Presumably, that means "of course, you don't have to give a damn about your more moneyed neighbors who have just moved in because the neighborhood was 'cool' only to find out that 'cool'=='noisy after dark'."

      Except of course it doesn't. Goddamn that is condenscending.

      • jwz says:

        I think the detail you're missing here is that by "neighbors" they mean "other people who live in the same condo building I do."

        I realize that "working class" is a vague term, but I think that you're probably out of the running if you can afford a half million dollar studio apartment.

        • fnoo says:

          Hokay, here's where I get confused.

          "Studio apartment" to me means bed / kitchen / living area in the same room, with a seperate room for a toilet/bath if you're lucky. It's an upper-class bedsitter, basically. It's where international students with rich parents and divorced men trying to be bachelors again live.

          I presume, at $500,000US a pot, it means something different where you are?

  5. irilyth says:

    If you have a high degree of volume control during the daytime, don't forget to have less control as the hour gets late.

  6. Well, you do own means of production.

  7. tiff_seattle says:

    Who can be "working class" and actually own property in San Francisco?!

  8. aylan says:

    ...and your upper-class neighbors will fucking hate you no matter what, you poor bastard!, a car is a belonging, is it not? do they only allow rental cars there?

    • iota says:

      i think the letter was talking about belongings more along the line of slaves, not cars. these people are rich, they have seperate houses for their cars to live in.

  9. spoonyfork says:

    "Erections" enabled my engirsh detector then the "working-class neighbors" focus put me in a total China mode. Enjoy the Fourteen Ways to Die in Shanghai.