the joy of flash physics engines:

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  1. ninjagirl says:

    psh. It's nowhere good as the real thing.

  2. nugget says:

    That "current music" can't be random. It just can't be.

  3. marcus132 says:

    It's good to see Anne Heche still has work.

  4. gazz says:

    Gruesome. Saw that earlier in the b3ta newsletter. Added you.

  5. iota says:

    this is the most control over a semi-naked woman that many male internet users will ever have

  6. jarodrussell says:

    Most addictive game ever.

  7. radven says:

    Physics engine? Bah. Her breasts are gravity defying and jiggle free.

    You'd have thought that would have been the first thing the programmer worked on...

    • nidea says:

      Must be a Wonderbra.

      I don't like the floppy arms and neck. Definitely seems dead, and momma told me never to play with dead things.

  8. mcfnord says:

    <lj user=arikatt> scooped <lj user=jwz> and that's amazing.

  9. roninspoon says:

    So that's what a tiny dead hooker would look like in a flute of champagne. Entorweb, will you ever stop being useful?

  10. chrs says:

    if I actually heard bones cracking it wouldn't be unlike my junior prom.

  11. pavel_lishin says:

    Makes me think of Aeon Flux for some reason.

  12. starjewel says:

    Bah... I suggested this site to BoingBoing 2 days ago. Though it was a bigger version here: http://www.thechump.com/neverendingfall.swf

  13. fa_jing says:

    This deserves an xscreensaver hack.

  14. hawke666 says:



  15. wickedspider says:

    Hehe. If you drag her really fast, her whole body flies apart!