tangle-free locks

There is all manner of wrongness to be found in _octopus_...

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21 Responses:

  1. ninjagirl says:

    all of the goths will be jealous of those bitchin' extensions.

  2. weev says:

    I would hit it. Like the fist of an angry God.

  3. mattlazycat says:

    Parasitic brain squid are the new black.

  4. capo_mojo says:

    Dear octopus lovers, please continue exploring your squiduality.

  5. jkonrath says:

    It also automatically dyes your hair black when it senses danger.

  6. alisgray says:

    that is a very, very dead octopus.

  7. g_na says:

    That community may very well be the oddest thing I've seen.

  8. ammonoid says:

    Dude, what is UP with the octopus fashion? It is just _wrong_.

  9. greatbiggary says:

    I don't want to be right.

  10. argh! i have hazy memories of spending FAR too much of my pre-passout time last night looking at that porn site. HATE YOU.

    • kraquehaus says:

      Yea, tell me about it.

      I liked the pics of the girls with the doll heads up her cooch'n'rump

      • uh. that's because you're a dirty armpit-licking freakazoid. me, not so much.

        however, in telling my friends about the creepyboob girl that made me think of some strange anemone trying to escape from her chestal area, we ended up with an endless loop of yelling "AUUUGHHH LET ME OUT OF THIS BOOB!" that lasted most of our entire road trip.

        that site is dangerous. still hating on the jwz.

  11. wfaulk says:

    I totally coincidentally ran across this octopus porn.