"Raz doing his thing"

Siege writes:

"From the front lines of Iraq. Raz makes Lynndie England look like a peacenik sissy. The insurgents don't stand a chance, when even their monkeys are unsafe. I challenge you to find an image that better illustrates current US foreign policy."
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15 Responses:

  1. jesus_x says:

    "Dick, I think we really fucked the monkey this time."

    "Oh yeah, big time."

  2. smokedamage says:

    Best livejournal post ever. Thank you.

  3. This better be on the next version of the US flag, the one they have to put out when we make Afghanistan and Iraq states.

  4. madfire says:

    believe it or not, but i just changed my skype display name to "i wasted my monkey" yesterday evening.

  5. baconmonkey says:

    Ever Drink too much and wake up with some dog-faced horror and a splitting headache?Panic spreds across JoJo's face as the familliar heat of Spot's breath on his neck brings back memories of last week's savaging.Sometimes mixed couples work outThink of the ChildrenRide That BitchAgain, I say Think of the Children.

  6. lanikei says:

    the monkey seems to be taking it pretty well...

  7. nberry says:

    he's leashed up! This wasn't some random act, I think there's some sick monkey/canine perversion going on here...

  8. While this has no monkeys, I think it more directly reflects Americas policy in Iraq right now. Or maybe it reflects the insurgents? Hell, it reflects EVERYONE!