someday, somewhere, a skateboarder might actually land a move

Skateboarder Branded by Manhole Cover Sues

A woman who was branded with letters from the Consolidated Edison logo when she fell off a skateboard onto a searing hot manhole cover in Manhattan last year filed a lawsuit Thursday seeking unspecified damages from the utility.

Elizabeth C. Wallenberg, 27, was burned just above her buttocks and on her left arm when she fell off her skateboard onto a cover over a steam pipe at Second Avenue and 13th Street in the East Village shortly after midnight on Aug. 11, 2004, said her lawyer Ronald Berman. "It literally looked like a brand that had been applied by someone," Berman said about the burn marks left on Wallenberg's body.

He said she was treated for the injury in the Beth Israel Hospital emergency room and was released.

Wallenberg, then a Brooklyn resident who worked for Paper magazine, reportedly said she heard her skin sizzle and saw an "o" and an "n" from the hot cover impressed upon her body. Wallenberg has been told the scarring is permanent, Berman said.

The lawsuit, filed in Manhattan's state Supreme Court, accused Con Ed of "negligence, carelessness, recklessness and culpable conduct" related to Wallenberg's injuries.

Court papers said Wallenberg, now a factory worker who lives in Portland, Ore., is entitled to compensatory and punitive damages because of Con Ed's "reprehensible and egregious failure and refusal ... to protect the public from this manifestly clear and present danger."

Con Ed spokesman Chris Olert said he had no comment on the lawsuit.


what, he couldn't get a grant for this?

This is the dumbass whose previous project was to key cars and call it his "creative process".

Gushing Faucet Could Land Artist in Court

The gushing faucet is an expensive exhibition that could waste about 3.9 million gallons of water. It could also land McGowan in a legal battle with Thames Water, the utility company. The circular sink has already swallowed about 193,000 gallons of water during a season declared the driest in London since 1976.

The project has outraged Thames Water, which said it could cost about $23,320 if the faucet runs for 365 days. The water company pleaded with McGowan to close the tap, but in vain. "I think he certainly made a point," said Thames Water Spokeswoman Hilary Bennett. "We understand where he's coming from and we're sympathetic to that. However, he should turn it off now."

After two angry Londoners shut the tap off, McGowan turned it back on. "If you're going to waste some water, you might as well waste it for a year," McGowan said. "It's always good to complete projects."

The House Gallery is currently responsible for paying the water bill and has stood behind McGowan's artistic endeavors. Even so, they can't afford to pay for the tiny cascade that wastes about 9,200 gallons a day. "The gallery probably couldn't foot the bill for an entire year," said volunteer Sarah McIntyre. "We're sort of taking a risk, because we're pretty poor."

The silver sink is the same basin that gallery volunteers use to make tea or wash a plate. The dish soap still sits nearby, ready for an after-lunch cleanup. But just in case anyone forgets, a hand scrawled note taped just above the sink reads: "If you find the tap off please could you turn it on and leave it running. Thanks."

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it's coming right at us


today in horse fuckin' news

When a Man Dies in a Sex Act with a Horse -- What's a Reporter to Do?

The AP story gave basic facts about the case. It mentioned that the man -- who died of internal bleeding from anal sex with the animal -- died after visiting a farm in nearby Enumclaw that attracted "a significant number of people" looking to engage in bestiality. Therefore, Sullivan said, "We thought if there was more than one person participating in this, it needed to be reported." [...]

Although she never reported the man's name, in her second article Sullivan did say that he was 45 years old and added that he died of acute peritonitis due to the perforation of the colon. But because Washington is one of 17 states that does not outlaw bestiality, having sex with a horse is not a crime and his death will not be investigated. [...]

The two articles also have prompted a local senator to start drawing up a bill that would outlaw bestiality. Sullivan also reported the opinions of a local animal activist who also is calling for reform.

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DNA Lounge: Wherein we listen to NPR and look at mugshots.

DNA Lounge got mentioned on NPR this morning; you can listen here. They did a segment on Asian rock, and talked about the Wu Bai show we did in April.

A while back I mentioned how odd it was to find out that a show might not be happening because I had read about the band's car troubles on their blog.

Well, here's another, even more amusing first: I learned that Manufactura will probably not be appearing at the July 19th Combichrist show by reading his arrest report! Supposedly security at a club where he was performing in Florida tried to throw him out, and he pulled a knife on them. Good times, good times.


OSX and X11 cut/paste

Is there a program that will automatically synchronize the X clipboard to the OSX pasteboard?

When something in MacOS-land copies something to the pasteboard, automatically copies that to the X11-land "clipboard" selection, which is good. But when something in X11-land copies something to the X11 clipboard selection, it is not automatically copied to the OSX pasteboard, and that's lame.

When running XEmacs under X11 (local or remote) I find that

    (setq interprogram-cut-function 'own-clipboard
          interprogram-paste-function 'get-clipboard-foreign)
makes things do almost the right thing...

I really wish there was some way to make drag-and-drop of selected text work with XEmacs, though. But that doesn't even work in Linux.

Update: No, scratch that, using interprogram-paste-function is useless. It seems that sometimes copying things in OSX programs updates the X11 clipboard, but not always. I can't figure out when it does and when it doesn't.

Update 2: Incidentally, it is not lost on me that the most frustrating parts of my Mac experience involve X11, which I'm only using at because I just can't put down the Emacs crack-pipe, despite it being the source of much suffering.

Update 3: My current guess as to what is going on is that, every time focus moves from an OSX program to an X11 program, the X11 clipboard is overwritten with the OSX pasteboard (regardless of which is newer). Conversely, when focus moves from an X11 program to an OSX program, nothing is changed at all.

Update 4: Why I don't use Carbon Xemacs: select the following u-umlaut character in Safari -- ΓΌ -- copy it; then paste it into Carbon Xemacs and watch it crash. (Oddly, it does not crash if you copy it from Firefox instead of Safari!)

Update 5: Andrew sent me a patch that fixes the Carbon XEmacs crash, yay! I assume it'll be on his site soon.

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"Fuck This Book"

Sticker packs available at!


Epoxies tonight

The Epoxies are playing at Slim's tonight. They're going on early (either first or second) so if you were planning on seeing Stabby and the Laptops at DNA tonight, you can almost certainly make both.

"Raz doing his thing"

Siege writes:

"From the front lines of Iraq. Raz makes Lynndie England look like a peacenik sissy. The insurgents don't stand a chance, when even their monkeys are unsafe. I challenge you to find an image that better illustrates current US foreign policy."
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today's fan mail

What's a xer?

Subject: your web rant
Date: July 18, 2005 6:48:30 AM PDT

Wow. Just fell upon your rant because your pages were taken down.


Wow. Think you're the only person in the world whose bosses had them stop doing something that would look bad to the public? Waaaaaaa.

Spoiled little Xer. Can't have my widdle webpage that I authored on company time and is posted for free. Waaa.

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