Fast-food giants outnumbered by pot clubs:

"There are two medical marijuana clubs for every McDonald's in San Francisco -- that's roughly 40 clubs to only 20 restaurants. Even adding the number of Burger Kings leaves fast-food franchises short of cannabis dispensaries. Only the ubiquitous Starbucks chain tops pot clubs, with a total of 71 coffee shops."
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  1. fo0bar says:

    "Unfortunately, the demand for fast food evidently isn't as high as it is for cannabis," Elsbernd said. "We have a problem and we need to address it."

    Solution: Get residents to eat more fast food.

    • obnox says:

      You would think that the large amounts of cannabis clubs would increase the demand for fast food, but maybe that's just me.

      • drstein says:

        Who knows, maybe it does. Real estate in San Francisco is *expensive* - for all we knows, for each new pot club, the nearest McDonalds has a 20% increase in late night sales. ;)

  2. That's a pretty retarded way of looking at the data.

    #? Food (burger king + mcdonalds, not even all places you can get a hamburger, food, or whatever, just two crappy megacorporations with their numbers combined)

    #? Bars (Alcohol) (lots of individual owners, i assume?)

    71 Starbucks (not all coffee joints, just starbuckses)

    40 Marijuana (total number of medical marijuana.. joints)

    Now, if it was like -- POTKINGBUCKSDONALDS or something, that'd be somethin', but I'm betting they're all not some big conglomerate. Food still outnumbers pot places, alcohol and caffeine do too, I'm sure.

    It's just a weird way of looking at the data so whomever can get people all upset. I'd guess the number of bars is regulated by the number of licenses, so there is some outside factor beyond demand that is regulating that one.

    • bodyfour says:

      The other question is how many customers-per-day does an average pot club handle compared to the average McD's? I bet it's lower. I live within two blocks of a couple of the pot clubs...walking past they seem to be pretty busy but not to the extent that a fast-food franchise at lunchtime would be.

  3. valentwine says:

    Where's the data comparing profitably successful nightclubs and medical marijuana clinics? You are probably in the wrong business. The potheads are probably easier to clean up after and way more appreciative of graphics demos.

  4. fastfwd says:

    Jeez, what the hell kind of pot are they smoking that they don't get munchies often enough to support more fast food restaurants?

    And they call themselves Americans. It is to laugh. Like this: Ha.

    • lars_larsen says:

      They're sick! If you were dying of cancer, AIDS, etc. would YOU eat fast food?

      • noweb4u says:

        yea, what am I gonna do, have a heart attack?

        • fastfwd says:

          *sigh* Humour. Sarcasm. Fugeddaboudit.

        • lars_larsen says:

          Ummm, well I wouldn't be eating that crap if I actually cared about getting better.

          Besides, it doesn't even taste that good. If you really thought you were going to die anyway wouldnt you go out to an expensive resteraunt and put it on your credit card? :)

          • noweb4u says:

            Yea, but only if my cards weren't maxxed out anyway. If not, I'd just go nuts with the unhealty stuff, and mock the healthy people because I can eat whatever I want, and they're stuck eating shit squirrels wouldn't touch because they're afraid of dying.

            • enochsmiles says:

              See, I'm all for eating unhealthy hedonistic food that tastes good.

              I just can't stomach McDonalds, and I challenge you to find a squirrel who does.

              • noweb4u says:

                Yea, McDonalds sucks something awful, but munchies are munchies.

                My friends always give me shit about my unhealthy food. I point out that while they may ultimately live longer, I'll have enjoyed my life more. I just keep my weight down to avoid some hereditary risk of diabetes, and I'm all good.

                • So I'm working at a long defunct .com 5 years ago or whatever, and I almost choke when I hear one of my co-workers order a coffee with seven sugars. I'm all like, what??? And he gives me a similar speech to the one you just listed, about having to enjoy life, blah blah. Which I generally support, but seven sugars is just ridiculous.

                  The point is, an hour or two later he's like "argh...does anyone have any tums?" Didn't sound like he was enjoying himself at that point.

                • valacosa says:

                  I've only been down to the U S of A once, and have only eaten at an American McDonald's once. Maybe it was because it was a highway stop, but I found the food at the American McDonalds to actually be worse than the food at the Canadian McDonalds'. Was this just my imagination or is McDonalds actaully crappier down there?

      • 33mhz says:

        Why are you under the impression that it only goes to the terminally ill?

  5. lars_larsen says:

    Apparently that "fruit buzz" just doesn't cut it.

  6. strspn says:

    antidepressant - euphoriant = corporate marketing department

    • fastfwd says:

      I thought that recipe also comprised seven sugars and lashings of bullshit. Maybe that's just a regional variation...

  7. phoenixredux says:

    No wonder real estate is so expensive in San Francisco. I know I want to move there in light of that statistic. I guess it's supposed to make people upset. I'm upset that we can't say the same thing about Minneapolis.