I, for one, welcome out new alcohol-lactating stripper overlords

Hooter Shooters:

"A fully functional set of wearable breasts that dispense one shot of alcohol out of each nipple." "Strap it. Fill it. Pump it."
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21 Responses:

  1. samidha says:

    *Leaving Las Vegas flashback* ...

  2. And now the legal drinking age will be lowered to 3 months old.

  3. lherrera says:

    That's a classy webpage.

  4. fantasygoat says:

    Anything to sell more drinks at DNA, eh?

  5. goth_kitty says:

    i just want to know what actual bars use them if any.

  6. Fetal alcohol syndrome nostalgia for fun and profit!

  7. valentwine says:

    I, for one, welcome out new alcohol-lactating stripper overlords...

    It's a dirty shame.

  8. defenestr8r says:

    we need to order a pair for <lj user=phreddiva>!

  9. buckthorn says:

    I like how the woman in the pictures has a pierced nipple. I guess some things are foregone conclusions.

    • I like the way she's putting grotesquely fake breasts on over grotesquely fake breasts.

      • scosol says:

        i like how you both are hypocritical fucks, and would in reality have no problem licking, fondling, sucking, caressing, biting, or otherwise indulging in all sorts of fake breasts with optionally pierced nipples...

        • Speak for yourself matey, I've never touched a fake breast im my life. European, dontcha know.

          • scosol says:

            how can you be so sure?
            and... is that a prerequisite for a mate going forward?
            (just curious)

            and have you really thought that through?
            my own platform is that women are insane to begin with, so if some lumps of silicone in her chest helps fix whatever misplaced "body ideal" insecure idocy she may possess, i'm all for it!

  10. baldnate says:

    hooter shooters + 151 + lighter = flame lactating boobies

    For the discriminating bride of satan.

  11. whittles says:

    Thanks for the bouncy room fun last night, you sure do know how to bring down a castle!

  12. scosol says:

    i wonder if the packaging is too big to fit in a christmas sock...

  13. AHH THEY STOLE OUR IDEA! bastards.

    (actually, the idea was "camelbak bra for the playa", but still.)