how introspective is that?

Woodcreeper posts photos of his own brain: The Alien Revealed:
"Here we can see the circular cut through the dura layer with my brain and the tumor exposed. Apparently the tumor was a little stuck to the brain and had to be 'peeled' (in the words of my surgeon...very nice) away from it. No biggie, it just added an extra 1.5 hours to the procedure."
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13 Responses:

  1. causticjb says:

    That is so bad ass.

  2. ivan_ghandhi says:

    So... the surgeon seems to have removed something important from that brain, has not (s)he?

  3. inkbot says:

    Awww, a tumor's born!

  4. holy CRAP.

    this is an odd, odd future we live in.

  5. karlshea says:

    That is so cool

  6. chuck_lw says:

    Unrelated, but you may need to welcome this...

    Japanese develop 'female' android

  7. edouardp says:

    The real question is: if that were you, what would you do with the tumor afterwards?

    Is it cannibalism if you eat parts of your own body? You know, just wondering. I'm pretty certain, even if it was technically, that it wouldn't be "morally wrong" cannibalism.

    Or am I out on a limb here people?

  8. notthebuddha says:

    I can top that. Here at the local nursing college, a doctor dissected his own heart for the class (post-transplant, of course).