"Fuck This Book"

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  1. fantasygoat says:

    Jesus, why can't I ever come up with simple but fantastic ideas like this?

    • ultranurd says:

      It's like the new non-gumming ketchup bottles. How many decades did it take for someone to come up with that?

        • hawke666 says:

          I think the GP means the http://www.packworld.com/articles/Departments/14726.html">new design of catsup bottles that don't get dried catsup all over the inside of the cap, or at least do so to a lesser extent.

          • rosefox says:

            Ah, got it.

          • strspn says:

            On the contrary, the upside-down style "stay clean caps" have the obvious unmitigated disaster of a failure mode. The 2002 Product Packaging of the Year is the simple and elegant solution which evaded plastic condoment bottle designers for oh so many decades. I would say more, but I am going to be being fed beef momentarily.

            • hawke666 says:

              What "obvious" failure mode is that, and how does the linked example resolve it? If it's just a snap-top lid (like toothpaste), then it doesn't solve the problem, as it still gets covered in dried out catsup/mustard. So please, say more.

              And regardless, I still believe that is what <lj user="ultranurd"> was referring to, and have seen no evidence to the contrary.

              • strspn says:

                The bottom-mounted "stay clean caps" are, firstly, not caps, and they do not stay clean. Emperical evidence proves that beyond any resonable doubt. Internal to French's award-winning snap-top cap cover is a possibly proprietary piece of cut plastic designed to cause pressure differentials upon squeezing to affect a threshold which is clearly less likely to soil the cap than would be the case with a different style of cap.

                However, I am uncertain as to whether this would work for differently-viscous ketchup.

                In any case, the Sauce and Dressing Association were very wise with their 2002 election. I wonder how they conduct that. I hope they allocated enough voting equipment.

                Perhaps French's is holding out for a huge royalty. Perhaps the viscosity problem makes the cap extra-dirty when humidity changes. I do not know but I intend to find out.

                • wfaulk says:

                  If it's the silicon-looking split diaphragm thing that you're talking about (I wouldn't touch French's mustard with a foot-long hotdog), it's been used in shampoo and other shower-related products for many years now, at least five.

                  In related news, has someone given Heinz a worst-product-packaging award for the opaque restaurant service ketchup bottles designed so that no one can see the hideousness of a half-filled ketchup bottle, including the waitstaff, meaning that virtually every bottle of ketchup in a restaurant is empty?

            • err0neous says:

              On the contrary, the upside-down style "stay clean caps" have the obvious unmitigated disaster of a failure mode.

              Maybe it is obvious to you, but I think most of us have no idea what you are talking about.

              What is the failure mode of the upside-down style "stay clean caps"?

              Why is this failure mode a disaster?

              What makes this disaster unmitigated?

              Why do you think that this unmitigated disaster is obvious?

              We eagerly await your detailed response.

              • strspn says:

                Answers: massive rapid loss of condiment; condiment is unrecoverable; tablecloths often stained; if it's not obvious to you, I don't know what I can do to help.

  2. robcallahan says:

    After sex hygiene is a myth, not a law.

  3. pavel_lishin says:

    My personal favorite.

  4. adaptively says:

    It reeks of Frank Booth in "Blue Velvet."

    "Here's to fucking, here's to your fuck!"

  5. That's awesome! Almost as great as those magnetic words that you can get for your fridge. Oh the hours of drunken fun making screwed up messages on my friends fridges.

  6. loosechanj says:

    Should have covered over the r in your. Grammar ya know.