fan mail

Date: Fri, 1 Jul 2005 10:08:34 -0700
From: Michael Cheung <>
Subject: Java sucks

I hope you idiot have learn java by now...

30 Responses:

  1. rly says:


  2. icis_machine says:

    well, at least you are listening to the apprpriate music.
    i'd followup with "he's read".

  3. mstyne says:

    Not sure about the context, but the best thing about Java is that it's really really slow.

  4. duskwuff says:

    I expect this idiot had learn English by now...

  5. mhat says:

    I can't even make sense of that.

    What it is supposed to mean?

      • Plenty more where that came from.

        Though his BLOG really takes the cake. He's... not quite so juvenile in real life as he appears on the Internet, apparently.

        • karlshea says:

          This was my favorite part:

          "Mac is going to switch to Intel cpu. That's mean, according to the yahoo news, they will need to rearchitech their OS to adopt the x86 chips, which mean by 2006 we can install Mac OS into our intel pc..wohooo! Then I can totally screw windows...I can't use linux because I need to play games..., can't wait for Mac OS now.."

          Games...? Uh, okay...? And what company is named Mac, anyway?

          The only way that comment could have been better is if he spelled it MAC.

  6. felisdemens says:

    Fire BAAAD! Java GOOOOOOD! Ungawah! Kreegah! Bundalo!

  7. violentbloom says:

    I idiot pretend java exsist not. suggest same.

  8. jotunheim says:

    Was that the entire e-mail or was there more to it?

    • jwz says:

      That was it.

    • spoonyfork says:

      He's very succinct. Check out his blog (Irony Police warning: blog is .NET). This is my favorite entry, dated June 29th, 2005: "JavaOne is fun"

      Nothing prior about JavaOne other than on June 4th, 2005: "Aww javaOne conference! I want to go...Manager said we will get to go, I hope that is true..."

      I would want all my developers to come away from JavaOne with insightful comments like that. And like this.

      • jotunheim says:

        Being not so wordy with the way he expresses himself probably derives from his native tongue.

        Yeah, I've read his blog and his atrocious grammar is messing me up. o_O

      • buffbikedude says:

        The comments posted on his blog are also very concise.

        I wonder if he has extra screen names he uses to comment on his own blog.