Epoxies tonight

The Epoxies are playing at Slim's tonight. They're going on early (either first or second) so if you were planning on seeing Stabby and the Laptops at DNA tonight, you can almost certainly make both.

6 Responses:

  1. Stabby and the Laptops

    (snarfing out loud)

    shit, i'd like to see ALL of those bands. 8 is probably exactly when i will be being fed beef, though.

    like i always say: NEXT TIME!

  2. jizosh says:

    They put on a great show here in Seattle with The Aquabats & The Phenomanots. It was basically one big Devo tribute concert.

  3. purple_b says:

    Epoxies are on second, though I hope this does not mean anyone will skip the phenomenauts.

  4. radven says:

    I saw the show in Sacramento last night.

    The Phenomanauts are up first - they were great. The Epoxies are second - they put on a good show despite some problems with the lights and the sound mix.

    The Aquabats are the featured act, and very worth checking out. Fun live show, and some totally awesome songs. Don't miss it.

  5. telecart says:

    Ooo, Epoxies are way cool!

  6. el_olvidado says:

    isn't the show sold out at slims?