a lovely animation

by daw_
Anyone got a Cisco 2600 lying around that you want to donate? I think ours might be dying. This is the second time second time in a couple of weeks the little fucker has gone paws-up and needed me to go in and power-cycle it.

I don't want to go.

Update: False alarm, Jonathan was at the club messing with the UPS. Without telling me. And without answering his phone. Situation "nominal".

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  1. fo0bar says:

    Cue the "just use OpenBSD/Linux/A Toaster" posts from people who don't even ask what configuration you have for the 2600.

    On a related note, what configuration do you have for the 2600?

    • jwz says:

      It's got a T1 on one end, an ethernet on the other, and a power switch in the middle. I know exactly dick about it other than that (and I prefer to keep it that way).

  2. recrea33 says:

    rock and roll

  3. buckthorn says:

    ... I have a 2500 series in my garage, for reasons that won't be made clear any time soon. If that's useful at all. 2513 I think.

    • ewindisch says:

      Keep it, a 2513 belongs in the garage. It can find rejuvination there as a door-stop or paperweight.

      • nester says:

        I have 2501's and 2511's in service still. They are ok for CPE termination. :)

        • yakko says:

          I use several 2511s as serial terminal servers. No way would I ask them to route anything :o)

        • ewindisch says:

          True, they still work for T-1 CPE termination, but even many small businesses are finding that a single T-1 is too small for their needs, or want the capability to expand further. Your average 2500 series router is not capable of BGP; even if you have the memory, I personally wouldn't recommend it when you can buy a 2600 for so cheap. Time is money -- instead of having your technicians trying to salvage a 2500, just swallow the extra cash for a 2600 and have some additional peice of mind that you can expand at least a little more and, in the end, your TCO will be much lower.

          This isn't to say a 2500 is completely useless. If you have absolutely no cisco experience and you are able to pick one up for free -- go for it, learn.. just realize that you will need a 2600 eventually. On the other hand, if you're building a lab, already have two 2600 or 2800 routers, and have a tight budget, having a 2500 might be useful for some lab exercises or to give to the newbies.

  4. solarbird says:

    I've had jobs like that.

  5. nester says:

    You can pick up a 2500 for like $50 on ebay. 2600's are like $200-ish, if I recall correctly.

  6. baconmonkey says:

    I'm amazed at how quickly your limbs regenerate on your webcam there.

  7. pavel_lishin says:

    I could watch that animation all day.

  8. dormando says:

    Find an intern who still has hope about life in IT. Make them figure out your "router problem"?

    You know, I'll check the pile at work for shiggles, but I don't think any of the old 2600's freed up in the last round.

    • ammonoid says:

      An intern?

      Where do you get this idea that someone will do networking for free? People get paid for that, usually.

      • dormando says:

        Because it's a cisco 2600, not a Catalyst 6509? :)

        Oh, and because I do get interns to do networking things for free :) They're great at rolling obscure serial cables.

        • fo0bar says:

          CatOS puts hair on an intern's chest.

          (I worked on a couple 6513s, but thankfully we switched them to native mode, so I didn't have to deal with catos after a certain point :)

        • ammonoid says:

          Ok, I don't really know from things computery. But I find it weird everytime jwz posts about computer things that he gets at least a couple comments saying, "make an intern do it".

          It just seems like a recipe for gigantic headaches.

          I don't understand the seemingly widespread belief that there is this pool of free labor thats just dying to solve someone else's network issues.

          The idea that the DNA Lounge would have an intern is making me giggle. Can I be a bartending intern? You don't have to pay me, I'll just pour my own drinks.

          • dormando says:

            I know, it was bad of me to join in, but this is precicely something I enjoy torturing interns with.

            By "torturing" I mean tftp'ing the config off of the 2600, letting them call support to get it replaced, and having them physically move it for me. Then I tftp the config back on and go back to sleep. It's not that huge of a work.

            That being said, some interns are better than others. We had one who insisted he was this amazing awesome GNOME contributor and wanted no-thang to do with our petty websites and the petty crap we wanted him to do. Turned out he had committed a few documentation updates, only knew php, and couldn't code with it for the life of him. Other than that, I've seen full time people do more damage more often.

      • srattus says:

        and not very much for stuff like this. :D

      • guyver3 says:

        This is possibly as simple as copying the running config from one terminal and pasting into another, with whatever tweaks are needed, and then plopping new hardware in place of old.

        I don't think it's "hire someone to do this 5 minute task on site, and pay their minimum hourly charge."

        Definately "intern" or "person who might appreciate a pint of delicious pear cider that might be found on tap" cost involved here.

  9. the animaion was made by http://www.livejournal.com/users/daw_/ an italian guy.
    it's strange to actually know who did it.

  10. daw_ says:

    My gif... Somebody deleted my name from that gif, and i'm finding it everywhere..

  11. spoonyfork says:

    FYI an article in Fortune titled Remembering Netscape: The Birth of the Web made it to Slashdot. A 10 year anniversary being celebrated I guess.

    BTW I love that gif. It should win an Oscar.

  12. terryray says:

    So, when I first saw that animation, I was struck by how exactly it captured the current feeling at work, and I went to go forward it around to people.

    Then I discovered that my RSS reader somehow truncated the animation. I wasn't actually feeling beaten bloody, well not yet, anyway.

    So, I hacked the animation to get the version that captured my attitude:

    Probably not as funny, certainly not as gory, but definitely hit my current attitude better. Posted here as a service in case anyone else feels the same. (And yes, I gave credit to daw_ when sharing it at work.)

  13. Can someone hack this into a 100k gif to make an LJ icon?

  14. bifrosty2k says:

    I'll have to put ungar on the pages that go out when that router goes down :)