DNA Lounge: Wherein photos are presented, and the dark underbelly of the bouncy castle trend is revealed.

Photos are up of Pop Roxx, Meat, and last month's Digable Planets show.

In record-setting news, Devon reports that Pukey Asian Night has set a new one: not number of pukings, but this time, number of pukings on staff. That number so far is three. On armpit-to-ankle; one from above, through the stairs; and one when someone foolishly got between a girl and her intended garbage can.

Go team. Also:

Children Hurt When Bounce House Collapses

    PARKLAND, FL (AP) -- Broward County officials say several children were injured after a bounce house collapsed.

    The Sheriff's Office reports that about six children were injured while playing at a summer camp in Parkland. Spokeswoman Liz Calzadilla-Fiallo says at least ten children were on the slide that is designed to hold only four at a time.

    The slide is about 15 feet high at its highest point. It's not yet known what caused the bounce house to collapse, but those playing on it fell into each other. Some complained of facial or back injuries.

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World Processor

World Processor: globe-based data visualizations.
Some of these are hokey, but some are pretty cool.
There are many.

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Wash My Balls, John Whorfin!

Dear Lazyweb,

If you loved me, you'd buy me a ball sucker:

I will also require a ball washer:

    "Move balls from one ball bath to another or create a ball fountain! You can combine it with a ball washing machine, so that your kids will play in heaps of hygienic balls!"

See to it. Thank you.

(See, when we were first talking about getting a bouncy castle, I instead wanted us to just get enough 4" plastic balls to fill the entire ground floor of the club to a depth of about four feet. But, we couldn't find a place that sold those balls for less than about 5¢ each. I figured that'd take around 300,000 balls, which would have been $15,000, not counting shipping.

And then what do you do with them? I favored just opening the door at the end of the night and setting them free on 11th street, but someone might have noticed.)

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two hundred fifty thousand superballs

Ten Two hundred fifty thousand superballs: why was I not notified?

Update, Oct 24: Finished commercial.
Making-of video.

Update: More awesome photos.

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