Sanyo 8100: old and busted. Treo 650: new hotness.

I got a Treo 650. It seems pretty sweet so far.

What's a good AIM client? Preferably free. Two features required for ranking as "good" would be "always on" and "doesn't log me out of the AIM session on my desktop in Adium". (Therefore AOL's official client does not qualify.)

After a couple of hours of flailing around, I seem to have gotten it to sync with iCal and the Apple address book (so hopefully I'll never have to look at the monstrosity that is "Palm Desktop" again). But, it seems to sync quite a bit less than "everything". E.g., when I add a userpic to someone on the phone, that doesn't end up in the Apple address book. The PalmOS calendar seems to have only one calendar, but I've got several in iCal. And so on. I gather there are 3rd party whoozywhatsits that change how some of this works. What's the done thing?

Will it kill the battery life if I habitually leave the phone plugged into the charger 16+ hours/day?

How do I convert an MP3 file into a ringtone for it?

It's been a while since I've used PalmOS. What else should I know, or download?

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Amputee happy to be reunited with foot

Amputee happy to be reunited with foot:

Fortunately for Ezekiel Rubottom, there's no law against keeping your severed foot in a bucket on the front porch.

Rubottom, a 21-year-old Lawrence resident, expressed relief Monday after police gave him back his left foot, which he began storing in a five-gallon bucket of formaldehyde on the porch at 627 Conn. after it was amputated three weeks ago. Police seized the foot Saturday, thinking it could have been evidence of a crime, but returned it after verifying Rubottom was the rightful owner.

"It's cool. It's all good," Rubottom said. "Now I've got my foot back. That's all I wanted."

Rubottom, an artist, occasional hip-hop emcee and recovering methamphetamine addict, is technically homeless right now but often stays with a friend at the home on Connecticut. He said he was born with a clubbed left foot and struggled throughout his life with pressure sores and infections.

Earlier this summer, a bone infection in the foot got so bad that he had to have it amputated at Lawrence Memorial Hospital. He decided to keep it. [...]

Karen Shumate, vice president of quality services for LMH, said people are allowed to keep body parts if they want them. "They've had women that want their uterus. People take tonsils. They take appendixes," she said. "I think it's unusual that someone would want a foot, but it's within their rights because it's theirs." [...]

Rubottom said he cut off two toes, which he was considering giving to friends. He added trinkets to the bucket, including a porcelain horse and a can of Hamm's beer, to make it what he called "a collage of myself." [...]

Sitting on the porch Monday afternoon, he put on a plastic glove, dipped a hand into the bucket and lifted out the foot for anyone to see. The next time, he joked, it would cost $2 to see it.