how introspective is that?

Woodcreeper posts photos of his own brain: The Alien Revealed:
"Here we can see the circular cut through the dura layer with my brain and the tumor exposed. Apparently the tumor was a little stuck to the brain and had to be 'peeled' (in the words of my surgeon...very nice) away from it. No biggie, it just added an extra 1.5 hours to the procedure."
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power line

Angela woke up thinking, "what's that weird noise?"

Shortly after, the power went out, and the crew arrived.
They insulated the overhead lines with rubber tubes.
Then they replaced the "High Voltage" sign with a shinier one.

Next they replaced all the wiring going into and out of the breakers.
They polished all of the parts with a wire brush first.
The old wires were attached with bolted clamps.
The new ones are crimped on.

I guess you don't want to be too close when you throw the switch!
The big white things are insulators; electricity flows through
the removable metal bars.

"The cable melted because it got too hot," he said.
"25,000 volts. Probably too many hair dryers."

The power came on as soon as he pushed the last breaker in.
Then I discovered that my DSL router was fried.
It was the only thing not on a surge supressor.
I was without internet for two whole days!
Let that be a lesson to you all.

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