billboard trucks

In the last two days I have seen four trucks and six scooters, each towing a billboard down the street. I really hate those things.

I can almost see the boardroom meeting in some lower circle of Hell where they came up with that idea:

Belphegor:   I've got a new project, guys, you're going to love it. Advertisements... on cars!
Samael:   Oh, I like it! You mean like ads on the sides of trucks? That fits in with Mammon's general policy of covering every flat surface with incitements of greed.
Belphegor:   No, no, even better than that! We're not going to put the ads on vehicles that were there already: these ads will just be driving around, very slowly, solely to show the ads! They don't have a destination or passengers or freight, just the ads!
Astaroth:   Oh, that's brilliant! It's like you're plastering an ad on the air! Not only does the advertising itself increase the cognitive toxins, but it also increases traffic, depletes global oil reserves, and destroys the environment!
Belphegor:   Now you've got it. And don't forget the smell and the noise!
Mammon:   << spurt spurt spurt spurt spurt >>
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"A Cultural Event For Silicon Valley and Wall Street!"

Back in May, I wrote in a friends-only post:

I got mail from some guy from Fortune writing yet another article about Netscape, this one "pegged to the upcoming 10th anniversary of the IPO." So I said,

See, if you had said just about any other anniversary, I might have been interested, but by picking that one, I think you've just told me that your article is about "gosh, look at the rich people" instead of being about what we accomplished.

To which he said,

Think what you will, but you're dead wrong about my focus. The IPO was a cultural event for Silicon Valley and Wall Street, and as such its a milestone and marker for all that followed. By re-visiting the Netscape story 10 years after it exploded onto the consciousness of the general public, I'm very much focused on all Netscape accomplished, as well as what other people accomplished because of Netscape.

I read that as: another article glorifying the fiscal feeding frenzy of people who have never actually created something in their lives. More nostalgia for "the bubble". Awesome.

I guess when you're writing a paean to greed, you probably don't realize you're doing it, because you're so entrenched in that culture that you can't tell that you're a part of the problem.

I don't usually blow people off when they ask for interviews and stuff, because somehow I keep thinking that maybe this time my input will make their output be less nonsensical. Or maybe just because I like hearing myself talk. Whichever, this one really rubs me the wrong way.

So I blew him off. Well, the article is out now, and I see my instinct was exactly correct: it's not accomplishments or culture or technology, it's just about price tags.

And to this day, every time I read Mike Homer's name my stomach clenches up.

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watch out, those boobs are hot

Armed bandits in Brazil robbed a vehicle carrying more than 400 breast implants, officials said on Tuesday.

A spokesman for the state Postal Service confirmed that assailants, apparently men, robbed the postal van with implants on Thursday night in Rio de Janeiro. Each Silimed breast implant costs nearly $400.

Figueiredo explained demand is the highest in July, during the southern hemisphere winter, as women schedule surgery during the winter school holidays, which precede the beach season.

Figueiredo said the implants, each bearing an individual number, could now only be sold for clandestine surgeries. Horrific stories abound in Brazil about the illegal operations that can cause gangrene and death.

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