emlx flags?

Is there any documentation on what the flags field in Mail.app .emlx files is?

Mail.app in 10.4 stores each message in its own file. The first line has an ASCII integer on it, the length in bytes of the message; then comes the message; then an XML "plist" blob with a few key/value pairs like "sender" and "subject". One of those properties is "flags", holding an integer, presumably bits indicating "unread", "replied", etc. But there are a lot of bits set in there -- some otherwise-uncomplicated messages seem to make use of up to 30 bits. What are they?

Update: Please, people, I asked a very straightfoward question. I'm not interested in your guesses. I can guess too. I'm looking for facts. I can also reverse-engineer at least some of it, if I have to. But I'd rather not, if it's actually documented somewhere. Which is why I asked. If you don't know, put your hand down.

Update: An anonymous benefactor has the goods:

    0read1 << 0
    1deleted1 << 1
    2answered1 << 2
    3encrypted1 << 3
    4flagged1 << 4
    5recent1 << 5
    6draft1 << 6
    7initial (no longer used)1 << 7
    8forwarded1 << 8
    9redirected1 << 9
    10-15  attachment count3F << 10 (6 bits)
    16-22  priority level7F << 16 (7 bits)
    23signed1 << 23
    24is junk1 << 24
    25is not junk1 << 25
    26-28  font size delta7 << 26 (3 bits)
    29junk mail level recorded     1 << 29
    30highlight text in toc1 << 30

Thank you Mask Man!

Update, 7 Aug 2005: I've posted my Perl code to parse these files: emlx.pl. Using this code you can, e.g., ssh in to your mac and see what messages Mail.app has downloaded while you were away.

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Mail.app junky junker

How many times do I have to click on the "Junk" button before Mail.app will realize that anything from Paypal or Mail Delivery Subsystem is spam?
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