"It's a robot, and it cleans my business. My lady business. And I like that." From the makers of Roomba. (2MB AVI.)
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  1. chrs says:

    definitely one of the better SNL commercials as of late. the Match.com parody was pretty good too. other than the commercials, the only worthwhile content on SNL anymore is Weekend Update, and even that is going downhill.

    • usufructer says:

      There was a Celebrity Jeopardy on a few weeks ago. It's the only segment worth watching, other than the aforementioned Weekend Update.

      The commercials like Womba would be better if they didn't run them so often. Or switch up with some of the now-socially-anachronistic classics, like Crystal Clear Gravy (from the era of clear Pepsi).

      • That, crotch bat, and the disposable Apple Newton post-its were the three best moments of SNL.

        The recent intro by Robert De Niro was also brilliant.

  2. monkey says:

    It needs a firewire port. Or decent wireless G-spot coverage.

  3. ok, that's pretty awesome.

  4. skreidle says:

    Shame my Mac won't play that AVI for me.. tells me I need a QT plugin, but doesn't tell me which one.

  5. rzr_grl says:

    Fuck the woomba (so to speak) - I gotta have that circuit board vibrator!!

  6. enochsmiles says:

    This seems up your alley. Trust me.