those sexy, sexy seventies


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  1. chrs says:

    rollershaft seems to be hungry.

  2. strspn says:

    Nothing says party more than breathing from industrial gas cylinders.

    • pleaseremove says:

      not meaning to spoil your comment, but i would expect that they are doing one of two things...breathing in pure oxygen as you can get very high off it...legally...or its helium and they are doing that just for the voices....

      • georgedorn says:

        Two things:
        1. Oxygen doesn't get you high.

        2. Nitrous oxide does.

        • pleaseremove says:

          umm, nitrous oxide does get you high, yes...but then again most people know it as "laughing gas" you would expect that really wouldn't you.

          Oxygen does get you very high...your blood fills with the go very red (as you would expect) and it does quite literally go straight to your head. Your brain gets fed far more oxygen than it needs and it makes you feel high.
          This was popular with some people during the late 60's and the 70's.

      • artlung says:

        The devices appear to be a size E cylinder with a regulator and flowmeter, and the mask is a nonrebreather, which provides 60-100% oxygen depending on whether it's meeting their demand. They're probably getting a nice rush from the oxygen. Highly doubtful given the device they're using that they're breathing helium. If the photo were in color we'd probably be green (for oxygen) and not brown (for helium).

        Their oxygen saturation levels are probably very high. If they did this for a few days they could experience oxygen toxicity which could affect their retinas (eyes don't like 100% oxygen) or central nervous system.

        Wild times. Any chance of turning DNA Lounge into an oxygen bar?

        • pleaseremove says:

          ah good, its nice to see i wasnt imagining that people get high off Oxygen...i hate it when peoples comments make me doubt my facts...

          • raindrift says:

            About the photo: the filename is s54_laughing_gas_std.jpg, make of that what you will. The connectors on O2 (CGA 540) and N2O (CGA 326) tanks are almost identical, except for their size. In a B&W photo, it's impossible to tell what's in the bottle.

            About the effects of oxygen: Erowid wrote this up a while ago, and the conclusion seemed to be that if increased oxygen has any psychoactive effects, they're so small as to be almost imperceptible. More here:

    • belgand says:

      The caption states that it is nitrous oxide.

  3. grahams says:


  4. streon says:

    Could you put that behind a cut? I load my friends page at work, and I don't think they'd appreciate this.

  5. transgress says:

    this leaves one to wonder just how exactly you came across these pictures ? ;]

    • suppafly says:

      the pictures have been mentioned on boingboing several times now.. jwz and boingboing steal links from each other back and forth all the time.

  6. bikerwalla says:

    The Gilda Radner look seems to have been the new thing, as well.

  7. gths says:

    I only just noticed that guy on the left just now, after seeing the picture for the third time. Eck.

    They're probably all in their fifties and sixties now...

  8. wyndebreaker says:

    Wow, my day isn't complete without seeing a Phyllis Diller look-alike with an Afro flashing her boobs.

    That's not making it onto my daily rotation.

  9. strspn says:

    The photographer in the upper right is really jealous. The homeless Vietnam Vet in the upper left is having the time of his life, though.

  10. wsxyz says:

    Since you own a nightclub, why don't you post pictures like these more often?

  11. movingfinger says:

    There were giants in the earth in those days.

  12. zhixel says:

    Man, I'm glad I was born after all this retarded bullshit.

  13. baconmonkey says:

    I'm impressed at how terrifying Keith Richards looked 30 years ago, back before they stuffed him with embalming fluid and a pacemaker.

  14. dzm6 says:

    Seems odd that they're relevant enough to have four cameras pointed at them (three visible in frame and the one shooting). Who are they?

  15. belgand says:

    The Jackie O picture though is by far the best. By far.

  16. god, everyone looks coked out of their FUCKING GOURD.

    i adore these. this is how stupid WE are all gonna look in thirty years. can't wait!

  17. straystray says:

    Annie, no! Whatever would Daddy Warbucks say of what you've become?

    Kareem is so high that he thinks her bare breast is Howard Cosell's head, so he's interviewing with it.

    Hey, wow! Until this very moment, the fact that the guy on the right has long hair in back completely hid the fact that he's bald in front! (He would have picked two people with MORE hair to arrive with, but Rosanne Rosanadana and Cousin It were out of town.)

  18. guardioid says:

    These photos kick the shit out of the DNA photos. These pics have interesting things going on in them, and tend to be more candid shots. Compare to the DNA Lounge pics in which practically every shot is of 2-4 people posing for the camera with smug/silly/drunken look on their face OR a really dark shot of the band from low-angle. I look at these old pictures and think "Wow, they did some crazy shit at those parties. Looks fun!". I look at the DNA Lounge pics and think "Wow, I have no clue what the fuck goes on in that place, because all I see are patrons posing up close, and distant shots of what looks like a band on a stage."

    • While you're kind of right, you're not totally right (think chocolate pudding wrestling), and I'm not convinced that really needs right now is serving more traffic to porn-hounds from APIC.