not very friend!

Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2005 11:15:34 +0200
From: "Fred ." <>
Subject: xscreensaver website


The xscreensaver website does not look very friend, I think you should make it XHTML webstandards compliant and maybe spice it up a little with CSS.
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6 Responses:

  1. ioerror says:

    Also add RSSC feeds to your public journal (Really Simple Stupid Comments) while you're at it.

  2. fantasygoat says:

    I agree, you're not complying with the most up-to-date friend standards.

    But then that's half your charm.

  3. g_na says:

    He forgot to mention that you should also add Flash.

  4. evan says:

    Man, some intern asked "Why is the google home page not xhtml?" and Sergey responded "We prefer to follow de facto [aka real] standards". I asked this guy about it later and he was all like "but then you can't use the power of CSS". The power. His word!

  5. baconmonkey says:

    to say nothing of the blatant lack of pop-ups, animated gifs and javascript.

  6. netik says:

    You need flash, and flaming ankhs, and spinning logos circa 1996.