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Dead Meat:

    This is a classic zombie movie, and very well done. Almost the entire movie is one very tense chase scene. The characters are believable, and don't do anything criminally stupid. It's more suspenseful than gory, and does not rely too heavily on spring-loaded cats or loud noises. (You can tell I've seen a lot of bad zombie movies, right?) The best part: the infection comes from mad cow disease. That's right: Zombie Cow. Moooooobrains.

Evil Aliens:

    This was the second time I saw this one (I raved about it in my previous report.) It was still awesome. They added a third showing, Friday at 10:30PM, so you still have a chance to see it!

The Prodigy:

    This was a crime drama, wherein some mobsters go to war with an unstoppable assassin. It has the kind of very dark feel of Seven or Angel Heart. Good acting, lots of implied backstory, and really good, realistic-seeming fight choreography. I loved this one. Also it was the first film for everyone involved, and they made it for like $200,000, which is unbelievably low for how professional it looked. This and Evil Aliens are my two favorites of the festival so far.

All Souls Day:

    Fratboy and girlfriend break down in small town in Mexico, get abused by cultists and zombies. It had some ok moments, but mostly I just found the main characters to be hateful and irritating and I couldn't wait for them to die because then they'd shut the fuck up. We were told that in the previous showing, the director was present, and he didn't have much nice to say about the actors (and their willingness to stick to the script), so it's not hard to believe that the movie he tried to make was better than this one. But that's not the movie we saw.

Cold & Dark:

    This was a vigilante cop story, where one of the cops is (sort of) a recently-turned vampire, and the other one is struggling with an "end justifying the means" debate, as the two of them bump off the bad guys. It's entertaining, well acted, and looks great, and the plot holds up pretty well... until the end. I'm sorry to say, the end just confused me. I have no idea what was supposed to have happened. (Well, I have a few guesses, but those would be spoilers.) Still, a good movie.

Don't miss Evil Dead Live tomorrow at 9PM! It's a stage production of the Evil Dead series starring ilovezombies. I understand you will get wet! Their previous performances sold out, so buying tickets in advance would probably be a good idea.

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  1. ilovezombies says:

    I really wanted to see Dead Meat. I've been waiting for a while to see a good horror film come out of Ireland and that one looked promising.

    As for Evil Dead, the closer you sit next to the stage, the wetter you will get. We have a splatter zone set for the audience.