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Body parts fall from plane approaching JFK

Pieces of a man's body fell from the wheel well of a South African Airways passenger plane bound for John F. Kennedy International Airport on Tuesday and landed in the yard of a suburban home, police said.

A U.S. customs inspector discovered the rest of the man's body at 7:30 a.m. after Flight 203 landed in New York from Johannesburg, South Africa [...] During the flight, Smith said the pilot felt more "vibrating sensations and heard pounding, but nothing appeared wrong with the plane."

The body parts, which included the right leg, part of the spine and a hip, struck a garage roof of the home in South Floral Park, New York, before landing in the backyard, police said.


19 Responses:

  1. ctd says:

    It's "Coming to America" meets "Pieces"!

  2. drbrain says:

    Maybe he got on the wrong plane, because Flight 203 goes JNB to DKR to JFK (New York via Senegal). Or maybe nobody told him that most people freeze to death even on shorter hops.

  3. ioerror says:

    Darwin award!

  4. solarbird says:


    that's a pretty disgusting way to die

    i mean


  5. hotabay says:

    What bothers me is that they said that the passengers on the plane were never in any danger. If a guy can sneak onto a plane like that, what's to stop him from doing something bad?

  6. Hrm, guess we've all learned an important lesson here: Just because it worked in the 5th Element, that doesn't mean it works in real life.

  7. inoah says:

    Spider Robinson has used this exact scene in one of his books.

  8. mstyne says:

    My grandma lives in Floral Park.

    Hey, free leg!

    • crazy4cats says:

      I grew up there. It's frickin' freaky to read about this. Now I guess I can say my town is famous; those the listener might not like it when they hear what for. ;)

      What's your grandma's name? :) And yours?

  9. dzm6 says:

    I will never again complain about being a tall guy flying in economy.