I, for one, welcome... wait, no I don't.

Or, "Dear Korean people, please stop exploring your sithuality."

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39 Responses:

    • transgress says:

      its darth skelator! run!

    • weev says:

      He's always got my ass on his mind,
      and it's sure in fact.
      When he waxes me, he waxes all night long
      and that is that.
      Now, Vader, Vader what do you know about taking off your clothes?
      You're just a slut from down below in Star Destroyers, c'mon.

      ahh Emporer I shaved my legs for you tonight,
      and if you see my cock I hope you go in fright.
      ahh Emporer you made me do some coke.
      ahhh I'm up all night and its no joke.

    • lohphat says:

      ...I am your Daddy!

      Together we can rule the Dore Alley St. Fair as father and "son".

      Where do you want to go for champagne brunch first?

  1. colubra says:

    A definite whiskey tango foxtrot moment.

  2. phreddiva says:

    I am so disturbed that this could so very easily be someone we know.

  3. sixty4k says:

    It must suck to get that whole outfit on and then have to pee.

    • jesus_x says:

      Think about it, it's RUBBER. It's not going to leak...

      • jwz says:

        "How is NASA like a walrus?"
        "They're both looking for a tight seal."

        • jesus_x says:

          Maybe it's the gin, but that's the funniest damn thing I've read all day. I was actually laughing out loud. When I first saw "NASA" I thought you were going to mention Shepard relieving himself in-suit. Or would that be in-situ? Hmm...

      • ciphergoth says:

        Looks more like PVC to me, but I've been wrong about that before. And it looks like it has zips that might make taking a pee without taking the whole thing off just about feasable, though extremely tricky.

  4. bdu says:

    I bow before our korean star wars fetish masters.

  5. mark242 says:


  6. ralesk says:

    Excellent caption(s).

  7. no_brakes23 says:


  8. no_brakes23 says:

    There is no fucking way this isn't on PoE's LJRIG.

  9. substitute says:

    Miss Vader would like to be directed to the ladies room immediately.

  10. Now, the thing is... without the mask, this would probably be pretty hot. It's those little details, see? You have to just know when to stop, really.

  11. ninjagirl says:

    i'm adding you. there's no point protesting. sorry. :)

  12. What? No CAPE??

    Darth Needs a sandwich, as well. Lookin' a little LEAN, there....

    Yeah, and the "must Pee" pose is, I assume, because the outfit is crotchless???

    • dzm6 says:

      [T]he "must Pee" pose is, I assume, because the outfit is crotchless?

      Surely that would make the "must pee" issue very easy to deal with?

  13. injector says:

    Is it wrong that the only thing that bothers me about this image is the eyes in the third shot?

  14. anaisdjuna says:

    Mmmm. Lady Vaders in Latex! Bring them on! Welcome.....Ladies!

  15. hypofixx says:

    oh my god.... dad's a chick!

  16. bonniegrrl says:

    so many Dark Side jokes, so little time....