Chicken Holocaust

Dutch Farmer Takes Unusual Skills to Asia:

"Now he is also taking his skills to some places that need them urgently: Asian nations fighting bird flu. He has brought them some of his bird-slaughtering machines, such as the AED-100, which kills about 10,000 birds per hour, catching them by the feet and dragging their heads through an electrified pool of water.

"In the past two years, Mr. Kiezebrink has worked with health officials from nearly a dozen countries on how to safely and quickly eradicate birds that may have been exposed to flu. 'He's one of Europe's, if the not the world's, most prominent chicken killers, for want of a better word.'"

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17 Responses:

  1. 1stcyborg says:

    If it can be done to chickens, it can be done to people.

    • telecart says:

      Soon they'll be breeding us like cattle! You've got to warn everyone and tell them! Soylent green is made of people! You've got to tell them! SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE!

  2. telecart says:

    In constant fight for a finer world...

    • guyver3 says:

      Ooooooo that AED-25 could be made into an interesting fryer, if plucked and left "cooking" long enough. He should speak with the devil himself of quick food inventions, Ron Popeil

  3. the music was a nice touch

  4. quercus says:

    "His father, also a bird man, died in 1997, at the age of 64 of a mysterious flu that Mr. Kiezebrink is convinced was avian."

    This is a guy who takes his revenge seriously! Don't annoy him, at least not unless you can outrun our chicken-snatching conveyor-belt overlords.

  5. mark242 says:

    Does Godwin's law apply here?

  6. dnl2ba says:

    W… wow…

  7. jkonrath says:

    I'm guessing if I make an "ARBEIT MACHT FRY" pun here, I'll probably go straight to hell, right?

    • bpt says:

      I guess that Nazis thought the only things chicks should be involved in were "Kinder, Hühnchen, Küchen"...

  8. nightrider says:

    Hmm... sounds like someone out there is trying to give me a run for my money.

    Time to step things up a notch. Back to the drawing board for me, I guess.

    My apologies to Phreddiva... I know you must think less of me, now. :(

  9. wyndebreaker says:

    Sounds like an avain Fred Leuchter wannabe.

  10. kordos says:

    I've actually used one of those machins - you hang the chickens up by their feet off that lovely hanging conveyer.

    suffice to say i only lasted an hour and 15 mins at that job....

  11. jurph says:

    We need this man in Delaware, where chickens outnumber humans by roughly 500 to 1.