Another Hole in the Head

I'm going to be spending an awful lot of time at The Roxie this week, seeing the seventeen horror movies (and one stage show) in chromebishop's film festival from Fri, Jun 3 through Thu, Jun 9.

I saw almost everything at this festival last year, and it was great fun! As your attorney in this matter, I strongly advise you to attend.

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3 Responses:

  1. greyhame says:

    Looks like there's a movie in there you were quite enthusiastic about at first -- can those of us who, being on the east coast, won't be able to get to San Francisco by tomorrow, anticipate a report on whether it lives up to expectations?

    • hafnir says:

      Not sure why I missed this the first time Jamie posted it, but yeah, so THAT's where Coder23 got all their video from! I remember being pretty blown away by it when they showed it off for like 1/2 hour at the VNV Nation show this past January.

  2. rzr_grl says:

    Pls xref the calendars and let me know if yr getting a pass for each of us or if I'm one at a time, or what. I'm game for all avail. when I'm not at work or in SD.