"All I want is a balding bowler with frickin' laser beams on his head, is that too much to ask?"

"Australian spin bowler Shane Warne undergoes laser hair treatment at the Advanced Hair Studio (AHS) in London. After taking more scalps than any other Test cricketer, Warne turned his attention to his own thinning locks. (AFP/AHS)"

14 Responses:

  1. wehmuth says:

    It's the way his eyes are saying "Must serve the hive. The hive knows best. Protect the hive."

  2. kallisti says:

    A photo like that cries out for a better caption!

    "After we laser etched his brain, he didn't have problems with authority ever again."


    • qu1j0t3 says:

      Actually there is quite a plausible need for reprogramming Warne's wiring: his sex drive tends to get him into regular scrapes. Just this week he's been fighting off yet another "Warne pressured me into sex" scandal...

  3. d1663m says:

    I for one welcome our new laser-headed cricket bowler overlords.

    Right, that ones officially dead now.

  4. roninspoon says:

    Does it make waffles too? I love Waffles. If it made waffles while also stimulating my failing hair folicles and filling my house with the pleasing aroma of waffles, well I'd be all over that, with maple syrup and butter.

  5. no_brakes23 says:

    Looks like a buch of Nintendo GBAsp units are mating on this dude's head...

  6. catenoid says:

    Wow. He's never looked that scary before, even with Australian-cricketer zinc oxide warpaint.

    There's an object lesson here - never steal a photographer's cigarettes or snacks, for they are subtle and quick to anger.

    Oh yeah, the laser thingy. I guess that didn't help.

  7. gths says:

    I never thought I would see Shane Warne mentioned here.

  8. stephendann says:

    That new Nintendo DS with the added Mario Hair Care Module definitely has an older target market