A Creationist's View of DINOSAURS and the THEORY of EVOLUTION!

I am drowning in awesome!

theferrett reports: "Yes, that's correct; he has the theory that dinosaurs, enraged by fallen angels, attacked Noah's Ark as the flood began in a no-holds battle to the finish."

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  1. pjammer says:

    Laughed my ass off when I saw that post in theferret's journal.

    What Jack Chick would draw if he had better artistic skills, eh?

  2. giles says:

    How did the flood waters kill off the icthyosaurs?

    ... oh my god it didn't! SEQUEL!

  3. God brought him forth out of Egypt; he hath as it were the strength of an unicorn: he shall eat up the nations his enemies, and shall break their bones, and pierce them through with his arrows.

  4. ronbar says:

    Has Jack Chick been replaced by a competent artist?

  5. ninjarat says:

    He's got a point, though: it WOULD be more exciting than Jurassic Park.

  6. ammonoid says:

    Thats a new one. I thought I was up to speed on all the creationist BS.

    I thought fundies were bible literalists. Where are the dinosaurs in the bible?

    • taffer says:

      They're probably mentioned in that really boring, long book (Numbers?) that details the family lines...

      • ammonoid says:

        Actually on the pamphlet in the original post it details the verses that fundies use to say dinos co-existed with biblical times - I just missed it the first time I read it. Not entirely convincing, though. Talk of dragons etc.

    • arensb says:

      See Kent Hovind's site. He's loopy even by creationist standards, and almost as funny as that comic. Oh,and he also claims that dinosaurs are mentioned in the Bible and that some of them are still alive.

      IIRC he mentions Leviathan and dinosaurs in the Bible, and talks about Nessie and chupacabra in his "seminars". You can download MP3s of them.

  7. fantasygoat says:

    The link itself is even more entertaining. Like the guy saying Creationism is perfectly reasonable but this Dinosaur attack thing is just crazy.

  8. strspn says:

    I am especially impressed with the analysis of Chinese caligraphy:

    The character for "eight" on top of the character for "mouth" is a reference to Noah's family, because it just doesn't look exactly enough like a sailboat.

  9. lanthinel says:

    Wow. Those poor Dinobots.

    "Grimlock, why we attack boat?"
    "Grimlock not know, Slag. Funny shining man that fly like Swoop yell really loud and give Grimlock headache."
    "Swoop fly!"
    "Grimlock know, Swoop. Swoop always say that."

    • ammonoid says:

      I wasted a lot of time reading that whole freakin' thread. My head exploded.

      • solarbird says:

        I do my best. I really do.

        • ammonoid says:

          And there is even more to that thread now! I gave up debating creationists a long time ago...they ask you for facts and proof, and you give them some, and then they stick their fingers in their ears and go "LA LA LA CAN'T HEAR YOU".

          • solarbird says:

            Oh, sure. But you're not really debating them. You're debating for the audience. That's why you point out all the debate tricks they're trying to pull as you go, if you can.

    • solarbird says:

      "No, crazies don't make creationists look like morons; creationism makes creationists look like morons."

      • valacosa says:

        They're not all morons; some take the deist stance - God(s) created the universe N billion years ago and just let chemistry, biology, and physics run its course. Those people are still creationists.

        Young World creationists though...I'm not going to defend them. "Oh, so you added up all the begats in your book and got about 6000 years? And you're absolutely sure nothing happened before then, or that the book is fabricated? Whatever. Are you selling your acid, or are you going take another hit and come up with another revelation?"

        • solarbird says:

          Fair enough. But yeah, we're talking young-earth here. 6,000 years old universe. Physics, genetics, geology all indicating everything is much older? "You can't know, you weren't there! And you're looking at the data the wrong way!" As is, apparently, theta approaching everybody with an understanding about how science works. It's disturbing and very unfortunate, because of this crap gets to call itself "science," then science in America is fucked, and so is the country. (Assuming you don't want the country to be an agricultural backwater dominated by fundamentalist religious theory, anyway.)

      • There is a huge difference between someone being a moron and someone practicing casuistry. The Jesuits practice casuistry and they are brilliant at it. The people behind the Intelligent Design scam almost give the Jesuits a run for the money.

  10. fastfwd says:

    I really love the imaginative stupidity at work here.

  11. neftaly says:

    Wow. I stumbled on the link-y post & blog of the guy(/celebrity?) who keeps my antique CRT from being infected with the dreaded "phosphor burn-on" from a philosophy blog taunting creationists? *airgasp*... awesome!