I, for one, welcome our new boob-groping robotic overlords

Robotic arm for breast exams

Women living in remote areas who don't have easy access to health care will someday be able to have a breast exam thanks to robotic technology being developed at Michigan State University.

A health-care provider will slip the hand into a glove-like instrument to move the robotic arm that is with the patient in a remote location. "That arm, which actually looks like a hand, is equipped with sensors," explained Carol Slomski, at MSU. "As the hand touches the patient, the sensation from this touch comes back into my hand. When the robotic fingers feel a lump or some other abnormality, I also feel it."

I love this notion that these "remote areas with no health care" are more likely to have a boob-bot than to have a doctor who knows how to do a breast exam. "Yeah, here in Outer Bumfuckistan, you can't swing a cat without hitting a robot technician, but a general practicioner? Forget it."

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