iTunes streaming metadata?

Does iTunes support MP3 stream metadata, i.e., displaying the title of the currently-playing song as the songs change? It doesn't seem to on any of the streams I've tried (including the DNA streams) but I don't know if that's a local problem, or if it's just not supported.

(I know that Shoutcast, Icecast 1, and Icecast 2 use three different, incompatible, and stupid metadata formats, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised that this is still a clusterfuck.)

Update: Apparently it works just fine in iTunes with the DNA streams for everyone but me, even if I turn off the Mac's firewall. This proves that my "computer malfunction field" is fully operational on MacOS as well. I had been wondering when that was going to kick in.

Update 2: Apparently it's Privoxy's fault! I forgot that proxy settings are global now, and not just a setting in the web browser. Apparently iTunes runs the HTTP proxy for MP3 streams even though they are neither (technically) HTTP nor on port 80, and -- somehow -- that's causing the metadata to vanish.

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