the adventure continues

So I'm mostly using for email now. I like the UI, and the filtering and junk mail stuff seems nice.

I don't understand what the done thing is with respect to multiple identities; how do I partition things into "" and "" worlds, given that I have only one mail server for both? It doesn't want to let me add an "account" with a duplicate (or missing) mail server.

    Update: Aha! An "account" is per mail server, but you can have more than one address per account: type commas between them, and a "From" menu shows up on mail composition windows.

Also, is there any way to get it to save a copy of my outgoing messages in the same folder as the message to which I am replying, instead of putting them all in Sent?

But OMG is importing my old mail slooow!

Now I understand that A) I have more mail than just about anybody, and B) mail importer modules never get any real love, since nobody ever uses them more than once, if at all, but geez, it takes roughly 1 second per message! And that's just to import them: the first time I select an imported folder, and when I leave the folder after I've marked all "read", it does some other incredibly slow thing...

And it's making iTunes skip. I'm actually somewhat surprised by this; I thought I read that OSX had some realtime scheduling features, and I assumed that iTunes would be taking advantage of them. Guess not.

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