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Several people seemed vehement about the fact that Darwin Ports is better than Fink. Why? Are there dissenting opinions?

What is the Darwin Ports analogue to the FinkCommander GUI? If the answer is "there isn't one" then that says to me that Fink is already a thousand times better than DP, even given the fact that FinkCommander is an awkward, hidious Tk thing or whatever it is.

I just want an easy way to install various bits of open source software on OSX, preferably without ever compiling any of it. Fink will give me binaries. Will DP? I can't tell. All the documentation on the web site seems to be aimed at "people contributing software to DP", not to people like me who just want to use it. This apparent focus does not fill me with confidence that it's what I want.

Update / Summary: Concensus seems to be that Fink has more stuff, but DP is more stable. Maybe there's a GUI, maybe there are binaries; I haven't investigated, because I finally came to my senses and realized that both Fink and DP represent a good deal of what I came to OSX to escape. So I plan to use them absolutely as little as possible. Software I actually want will probably have a .dmg installer.

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