I, for one, welcome our new robotic prom queen overlords

Show us some ankle, baby:

"Takahiro Takeda, postgraduate student of Japan's Tohoku Univ., dances with Partner Ballroom Dance Robot (PBDR) at a factory of Nomura Unison robotic venture company in Chino city, 200-km west of Toyko. The prototype dance partner robot, developped by Japan's Tohoku Univ Professor Kazuhiro Kosuge, enables them to move in all directions with three special wheels by predicting how its partner will mobe with a sensor."

And here's the upskirt shot:

"Robots on the market include a machine that looks like a machine dressed in bright colors programmed to converse in just enough small talk to stop the elderly from going senile and a doll that articulates the needs of a five-year-old boy.

In January, a Tokyo University engineer unveiled a humanoid that can shuffle its feet and wave its hands to preserve a traditional Japanese dance falling out of fashion among young people."

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Disney's Ongoing War Against Breasts

Lohan Has Digital Breast Reduction

Teen actress Lindsay Lohan's breasts have been digitally reduced for forthcoming Disney film Herbie: Fully Loaded, to avoid offending family audiences.

Test screenings for the new movie, the fourth sequel to the 1968 film The Love Bug about a Volkswagen Beetle car with a mind of its own, indicated that some parents felt Lohan's character Maggie Peyton was too raunchy for a children's film.

Disney technicians were forced to plough through numerous scenes - especially those showing the busty actress jumping up and down at a motor racing track, reducing her breasts by two cup sizes and raising revealing necklines on her T-shirts.

Amused at her digital bosom reduction, Lohan says, "I don't know how Renee Zellweger kept swelling and shrinking for Bridget Jones. It's no fun.

"Bring on the computer guys."

Since the list of things which offend me already includes all of: Lindsay Lohan, VW Beetles, remakes, sequels, product placements, mining of the past, and celebrities, I can't say that the addition of teen skanks hopping up and down in too-small t-shirts would necessarily make such a movie more offensive. But once I am given a brief A/B comparison, I'll be sure to let you know.

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