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I saw some movies yesterday:

Bakko Yokaiden Kibakichi:

    This starts off with a pretty good fight scene, but I kinda lost interest about half way through. It's somewhere between Yojimbo and Nightbreed: "wandering samurai comes to town, discovers dark secret". It really felt like an anime, despite being live action. The way the shots were framed or something. I kept thinking things like, "this is the part where the animated version would have cheaped out and just panned across a still-frame." The fight choreography wasn't bad, but the costumes were Godzilla-quality.

    Sort of a talky, political version of Logan's Run. Not bad.

Evil Eyes:

    A screenwriter's script keeps coming true. I liked this one. There were some techical difficulties, though: apparently the director was supposed to be there, but he missed his plane, and he had the print with him. So what we actually saw was a workprint version, with timecode at the bottom, ambient sound, and the wrong aspect ratio. I may go see this one again just because it'll be neat to see how much the addition of music and sound effects changes it.

Evil Aliens:

    This movie was just chock full of awesome. Cheesy UFO tv-show crew goes to Wales; discovers/shoots/screws/shoots/gives birth to aliens. Seriously, this was fantastic. Hilarious, gory, good effects, full of references to other horror movies. Way better than Dead Alive. Way better than Spawn of Chucky (even though it had no little people). It's playing again on Monday at 5pm, and I'm going to see it again.

    STRONGLY recommended!

Kichiku Dai Enkai:

    I really didn't need to see this. It's a Japanese Manson Family gore-fest, with carefully crafted details like: a guy has the top of his head blown off with a shotgun by a woman who then spends ten minutes fishing around in his brains. Later, after biting off someone's dick, she is fucked with a shotgun. After the money shot, there is ten minutes of the guy playing with her heart and lungs. In a later arty moment, there is a loving arterial spray onto a Japanese flag.

    The most shocking part was what the one thing they chose to censor: it was a scene where our heroine was running and jumped up in the air. They blurred out the upskirt shot. Finger-painting with lung-butter is fine, but pubes would just push it right over the edge.

Unfortunately, my rockstar lifestyle caused me to miss the only showing of Immortel, and I am sad. But it will be out on DVD in a few weeks.

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