wireframe teapot!


"Graphics Demo is a modified Commodore CBM 3032 computer. Its inner life was replaced by a mechanics. A wireframe model of a teapot, soldered out of silvered copper wire, is gimballed inside the monitor cabinet. The model is varnished with green uv-active paint and lighted by four blacklight tubes, which are installed invisible inside the cabinet. The teapot can be rotated in any direction by using the numeric keypad. During the rotation, you can hear the electric motors and feel their vibrations."

You must watch the video. The whirring noises are what really make it.

For reference: The Utah Teapot.
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16 Responses:

  1. ydna says:

    I must add whirring feedback sounds to mah comutah now.

  2. sc00ter says:

    Ahh, the clasic computer tea pot. I remember going down to the Boston Computer Museum and seeing that and going "WOW! That's so cool, it's 3D!". Of course that was actually rendered on the computer.

  3. jabber says:

    IIRC, it was either Battlestar Galactica or Buck Rogers that used this same technique to simulate wire-frame computer displays of enemy ships on their set.

  4. relaxing says:

    That teapot has a bottom.

  5. spike says:

    Someone should one-up them and do one with a solid teapot, you know, with like specular surfaces and stuff like that.

    Of course, you'd have to gut a more powerful computer case to house that much processing power. There's no way a CBM could handle that.

  6. khephra says:

    Mighty fuck, the teapot! At one time, the biggest running gag in CG. Almost every 3D package had a procedural teapot script hidden somewhere in it. It also of course used to be the test bed for lighting tests.
    Somewhere in the last five years, with the advent of global illumination and light reconstruction it was tossed and replaced with a simple sphere (indicative of the same one used on set to shoot a gray/chrome ball light test)

    God damn.

  7. greatbiggary says:

    I'm already looking forward to a Stanford Bunny.

    (paper version)

  8. captain18 says:

    Pity the instruction text isn't rendered in the old Commodore font.

    ...Oops, is my geek showing?

  9. benediktus says:

    so this is what comes after npr??