Plastinated corpses rotting!

"The moisture beading up across faces, dripping inside chest cavities, and pooling beneath feet [...] is silicone from the plastination process and liquefied human fat. The bodies were not degreased properly before they were filled with plastic."

7 Responses:

  1. phreddiva says:

    There was fluid under the corpses in LA at the bodyworlds exhibit as well... maybe not as bad as this, but definitely present.

    • tritone says:

      Interesting...I didn't notice any when I was down there. Maybe they noticed it and started cleaning it up.

      I hope this whole mess doesn't give plastination a bad name. Although I guess there are people claiming the von Hagens' exhibit was shady too.

      • morrisa says:

        Yeah, like plastination HAS a good name? I'm amazed von Hagens came to the United States at all. Americans are very touchy about birth and death. Interment is very carefully legislated here. An unorthodox treatment of human remains will bring close scrutiny, and after finding out that this exhibitor was, er, less than scrupulous, I'm sure investigators will be looking much more closely at von Hagens too.

  2. xenogram says:

    ... which just goes to show they don't know how to cook them properly.

  3. benediktus says:

    the liquified wrath of the murdered peasants from russia comes over van hagens! get him boys!

  4. mooflyfoof says:

    that sucks. i was wanting to go to that, too. :/