In the 70s, the future was full of people in tunics.

"5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms - Asking price of £1,663,470 (€2,440,000)

"Designed by the new age architect Antti Lovag in the mid 70's, this unique futuristic Bubble house enjoys spectacular features such as an indoor river and cactus garden, and is set in 17 acres of Provencale countryside with panoramic views of the Mediterranean coastline.

"Perfect for aspiring super-villain or playboy criminal mastermind."

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41 Responses:

  1. tell me you don't want to live there, just for a minute.

  2. L'habitation lovagienne = BadFreakinAss!
    Hmm... I'm seeing post-apocalyptic brothel a la Cherry 2000.

  3. korgmeister says:

    That is, without a doubt, the most 70s thing I have ever seen.

  4. ctd says:

    "Do you expect me to gawk?"

    "Nooo, Mr. Bond. I expect you to buy!"

  5. pvck says:

    What, and Roger Dean doesn't even get a credit? Faugh.

  6. gths says:

    Wasn't that where Barbarella was filmed?

  7. jkonrath says:

    Does it include a VW dunebuggy?

  8. tfofurn says:

    Now we know where Burt Rutan got the design for SpaceShipOne.

  9. phoenixredux says:

    C'mon, Powerball!!

    That is the coolest house EVER. Seriously. I love it. I want to make it my summer lair.

    For what it is, the price is actually quite reasonable.

  10. thothmeister says:

    Just looking at it, I expect either Sean Connery's James Bond or Austin Powers to walk out!


      thanks, buz. i love you now. i was meaning to ask about that one, as i was starting to wonder if i'd halucinated half my childhood...

      • djinnaya says:

        Yes. You did halucinate half of your childhood. However, the part with people building giant domes with their butts and eating alligator pie... that half was real.

  11. ghosthacked says:

    I am having Prisoner flashbacks.

    "You are Number Six"

    yeah i know the actually location is in wales of that hotel but still... It's soo. Gnaaaah.. The outside looks like what Tetsuo turns into at the end of Akira.

  12. jesus_x says:

    And burnt orange. Burnt orange and avacado green. Everything from the 70's was one of those two colors...

    • freiheit says:

      How could you forget dog-shit ("mission") brown and "harvest gold"? the 70s had 4 colors. You can't have just 2 colors for an apocalypse!

      War=Mission Brown
      Famine=Harvest Gold
      Pestilence=Avocado Green
      Death=Burnt Orange

      • jesus_x says:

        My god you're right. All that shag carpeting and lead paint must have clouded my memory. I'll go sit on my beanbag chair to reflect on this...

  13. crackergrrl says:

    I must have it!!!

  14. sashamalchik says:

    I'm sure you've seen the same thing on 280 in San Mateo (rather, Hillsborough) -

  15. mysterc says:

    no Self reespecting super villian would live in a place like thhis... unless it had sharks and henchmen