I, for one, welcome our new biomechanical hair underlords.

Laser Technique Used To Build Micro-Structures On A Human Hair Without Harming It
"Shown in this image are electron microscopy images at increasing magnification of a representative structure created on a human hair. The strokes on the letters are more than 20 times smaller than the diameter of the hair. The researchers can readily create structures with features that are more than ten times smaller, which further suggests that it may ultimately prove possible to use this technique to create functional structures directly on single cells. (Christopher N. LaFratta)"

Think of the implications on modern fashion! Hook up some worm gears to those things and your head could be some kind of auto-reconfiguring medusa. Your hair could throb in time to the music! You could register surprise in the same manner as cartoon characters.

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18 Responses:

  1. buz says:

    ...Split Ends.

    Oh wait... two more...

    Pattern Baldness.

    (and to quote Duckman)
    "They can put a man on the moon, but they can't make a deodorant last past lunchtime."

    • 1eyedkunt says:

      "They can put a man on the moon, but they can't make a deodorant last past lunchtime."

      my sentiments exactly. they can write useless shit on hair, but they can't do anything about baldness, or on the other side of that coin, find some way for me never to have to shave my legs ever again. there's something wrong in that.

      • jwz says:

        I thought the leg problem was solved by "frickin' laser beams". How space aged is that!

        • 1eyedkunt says:

          yeah, but as far as i know, laser hair removal's not totally permanent. you have to keep going back regularly, which is really disappointing (as well as expensive and painful). it seems to me that in this day and age we really should be able to zap hair folicles out of existence forever if we want to.

          • jwz says:

            Wow, that makes me sad. Because almost every morning when I'm shaving I think "I ought to just get this shit lasered already." Especially my neck. Shaving that part sucks.

      • buz says:

        All they have to do is just get the hair to grow in RIGHT PLACES. Sheeesh... if I could just move it from where I DON'T want it to where I DO - Everything would be great.

        Maybe a bit curly... but great.

  2. homa says:

    Worm gear isn't near as fascinating as an army of cyborgs, each one 20 times thinner than hair. Add the possibility to direct them with thought, not with any kind of mechanical transmission :)

  3. omarius says:

    Not fish. Snake scale!

  4. xed_geek says:

    Don't encourage them, I could just see the clubber girls with these things dancing about their heads. While fasinating I am afraid of possible secondary uses (choking nearby people).

  5. tfofurn says:

    Sushi K will be jealous.

  6. mark242 says:

    Anyone who wants to go into business with that idea will have at least one customer...

  7. telecart says:

    Anyone who listens to Panacea, Front 242 and GWAR, and also reads Warren Ellis is a-okay by me, son.

  8. gytterberg says:

    Anybody else see the one on the bottom right and read "HATER"?

  9. cetan says:

    All our spies will now have long flowing locks for carrying seekrits!