fake fake boobs

Can't afford real fakes? Bra offers illusion of gel-filled sacs

Now there's a bra that promises to make women look like they've had plastic surgery. The Evolution bra is aimed at "women who lust after the look of cosmetic breast implants." It features a sculpted, graduated cup "specially designed to mimic the appearance of cosmetic breast implants."

"To be honest, the new standard for women is to be cosmetically enhanced, or to at least feel that's what you look like," company spokeswoman Michelle Soudry said. "It's a completely new ideal from what we've seen before, and this is a company that is catering to that."

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23 Responses:

  1. zhixel says:

    Oh, spectacular. Will they have models that give women that two halves of cantalope stuck to my chest bad breast job look?

  2. dingodonkey says:

    Huh. I always expected that fake fake boobs would be, well, real boobs.

    My brain hurts.

    • taffer says:

      This is not Boobean algebra.

      Whoops, Freudian slit.

      • valacosa says:

        "This is not Boobean algebra."

        No, not quite. However, I can sum my thoughts up with this one inequality:

        fake boobs < real boobs

        Why anyone would want to look like they've had a boob job is beyond me...I'll be horrified if this actually sells.

  3. jesus_x says:

    Wonderful. First too many women get breast implants giving themselves the stick figure with helium boobs look, now the ones that don't will STILL look like that. Fake is the new real...

  4. goulo says:

    Wow, the new standard is to look fake even if you're not fake? I guess if a spokeswoman for the company selling it says it, it must be true.

  5. bebopmonkey says:

    haha, man i love this country. democracy whisky sexy!

  6. spoonyfork says:

    Something is lacking, I'm not attracting
    My boobs are not as big as I want them to be
    I want 36D

    Anyone else immediately think of the old school NOFX song New Boobs? Didn't think so. God I miss my punk youth. It was so much simpler back then...

  7. edlang says:

    This is only going to work until the women with fake tits get wind of it.
    Then they're going to enhance their fakeness with fake fakeness. Fake fake

    ... does this fake thing overflow, wrap around, or just keep incrementing?

  8. I never quite got the whole idea of the Fake boob inserts or the wonder bra or any other device to enhance the Physical looks for both men and women. They don't do you any good once you get naked. Unless you have some super glue

  9. elthar says:

    Dear American people...