best, most misleading headline of the week

"Alzheimer Victim Sold 11 Organs"

A music store manager was charged Thursday with exploiting a woman with Alzheimer's disease who authorities say bought 11 organs from him over 18 months - including four on a single day. The woman spent about $25,000 on organs and ended up with one worth only about half that.

Heyder was charged with felony exploitation of the elderly and was held on $10,000 bail at the Pasco County Jail.

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3 Responses:

  1. lars_larsen says:

    This is why you're not allowed to ebay human body parts. Alzheimer patients have an insatiable craving for BRAINS!

  2. gytterberg says:

    It's geriatric gray-market organ dealing mashup ZEN!

    It must be late, because it took me a damn long time to realize they weren't talking about the kind of organs made of people. I was wondering why there wasn't any mention of investigation into where the guy got the organs. I thought maybe he was telling her they'd cure her.