Dear Interweb,

Please stop describing every damned link you post as "zen".

The word you are looking for might be "surreal".
But more likely, the word you are looking for is simply "dumb".

Thank you,

    The Management
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66 Responses:

  1. coderman says:

    you jaded bastard. jwz++

  2. hepkitten says:

    I blame the daily show.

  3. pfrank says:

    I blame the Daily Show.

  4. duskwuff says:

    This is not Zen.

    This is Zen. Or perhaps this.

  5. ralesk says:

    Thank you for using the proper placement of quotation marks.

    And thank you also for not using the UNIX-y custom of grave-grave-text-apostrophe-apostrophe anymore.

    • phenyx says:

      That's UNIX-y? I thought it was {\LaTeX}-y.

      • ralesk says:

        Both I guess. Many UNIX/Linux/BSD people ``quote like this'' even when they speak no TeX.

        • valacosa says:

          I give you points for saying "TeX" instead of "TeX".

          I don't know why TeX makes one ``quote like this'', but I've become used to it.

    • valentwine says:

      Uh, pardon me, but what UNIX custom? Anybody who would use the backtick to quote the beginning of a string is an unqualified asshat, or writing m4 and thus may also qualify for the former category. UNIX people quote strings all day long and double backticks followed by double ticks is not a valid syntax in any known sane language, not to mention a gross typographical inefficiency.

      Now look at that, you've made me go and waste my keystrokes.
      Have a nice day.

      • ralesk says:

        There's no real need to eat me, though, I gave you no reason to.

      • grahams says:

        double backticks followed by double ticks is not a valid syntax in any known sane language

        LaTeX uses it, and it is quite sane... That said, it really has nothing particularly to do with Unix...

        • valentwine says:

          Yes, that. You're right, TeX et al. is generally quite sane.

        • ralesk says:

          My point was, originally, that it seems to me there are quite a few people with UNIX/Linux/BSD background (and not necessarily of big experience at TeX/LaTeX), who use this style of quoting on IRC, on Web sites, in IM, and I was quite glad that Jamie opted for the quotation marks this time around.  Obviously that I dared to utter the *nix word and state what I had been experiencing makes me some kind of a target of certain people, though I don't really grasp why - as opposed to, say, provide facts without getting all personal about it.  Because it seems some people just can't stand not getting all personal.

      • semiclever says:

        Read a manpage lately? The output of [ng]roff uses this quoting style. In a fixed-pitch font (i.e. a terminal) it actually looks a bit like proper quotes. i.e:

        Tar is short for ``tape archiver'', so named for historical reasons;

  6. ciphergoth says:

    "on acid" can also take a long walk off a short pier.

  7. tfofurn says:

    Pity that you've eliminated "Words Which Will Make Me Leave The Party" from

  8. gwillen says:

    *raises hand* guilty of said overuse, though I highly doubt you've ever seen a link I've posted. But I'll still stop now. Also, ==rmitz.

  9. I somehow have never seen this used to link to something. I'm not sure whether to feel thankful, or entirely out of the loop.

    I _do_ need to find a canonical list to the Matt Groening Banned Words lists, though. Last I checked everything2 didn't have them all. It did however remind me that there was something called an ArchDeluxe, once upon a time.

  10. gytterberg says:

    May we also add (or subtract) "so fucked" and "whacked" to (from) the list?

    If you can't think of anything descriptive or interesting to say about it, just say it's "cool," or "awesome," if it's really cool.

    I appreciate the content supplied by boingboing, and I like most of what "Xeni" has to say, but her attitude just makes me want to give up on the web entirely.

  11. scsidisk says:

    Yeah, zen is really dumb!

    Cool expressions? Dear Interweb, Dear Japanese, I Salute Our New...,

  12. edlang says:

    As per a friend of a friend. A chem PhD student with some spare time.I have great faith in grad students. To do stuff.

  13. rpkrajewski says:

    Isn't that something one is supposed to have work out of one's system a few weeks after reading Gödel, Escher, Bach ?

  14. suppafly says:

    which is funny since boingboing always does the zen business and they link to you a lot.

  15. xoder says:

    You may be interested in <lj user="stopsayingthat">, as it is designed for such posts.

    • relaxing says:

      Those communities irritate me for several reasons. I would like to post the entire contents of <lj user=stopsayingthat> to <lj user=stopsayingthat>, and it would not be zen.

      • xoder says:

        No it would not be zen. But it would be hilarious!

      • jwz says:

        Yes, I think I would like to beat all of those people to death now. Being shrill is not the same thing as being funny. But you know what community is even more irritating than that? <lj user="childfree">. I find most babies and breeders incredibly annoying, but those people are even worse. <lj user="customerssuck"> is pretty intolerable too.

    • omni_ferret says:

      Oh, that's awesome! They're taking a stance against All Your Base! And "Ka-Ching!"