Alan Moore on the V for Vendetta movie

Lying in the Gutters:

Earlier in the year, Moore received a call from "V For Vendetta" writer/producer and "Matrix" director Larry Wachowski, but told him politely, "I didn't want anything to do with films and had no time this year, being in the middle of work, my day job, writing, I wasn't interested in Hollywood."

Shortly afterwards, Alan Moore was made aware of a press release sent out covering a press conference producer Joel Silver and the cast had held. Joel Silver said of Alan, "he was very excited about what Larry had to say and Larry sent the script, so we hope to see him sometime before we're in the UK."

Alan instructed DC/Warner Brothers to issue a retraction against these "blatant lies - that's the phrase I'm groping for."

Most surprising detail: Moore's royalty cut for the movie rights (which he gave to the artist, after having his name taken off the film) was only $8k!

Speaking of Moore, has he been up to good stuff lately? I haven't heard about much. The most recent things I've read by him were the first trade paperback of "Promethea" and the first couple issues of "From Hell". Promethea did nothing for me, really (the art wasn't bad, but I felt like I'd read it all before.) I couldn't get into "From Hell" because I really didn't like Eddie Cambell's art. I enjoyed his "Bacchus", but something about the art in "From Hell" just didn't do it for me. (Call me a philistine, but it's rare that a black-and-white comic will grab me. I usually find them hard to read.)

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