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video projector suggestions?

I think my projector is about to die. It's doing this weird flickery thing, and sometimes looks like it's rendering in 8-bit mode -- and it does this even when there's no video signal plugged in, so it's not cabling or something.

So I suspect I'll be in the market for a new one soon. What do you suggest?

Currently I have an NEC LT-260, and I've been pretty satisifed with it, though I wish it were a lot brighter and the bulbs lasted longer. It's 2100 lumens.

I don't have any HD gear, but I do use component video.

I've had extremely bad luck with InFocus gear in the past, so those are pre-vetoed.

Intended uses: DirecTivo, PS2 games, DVDs, in roughly that order.

Placement: 16' from the projector to the screen; screen is 80"×58" (4:3, 100" diagonal.)

Though if I could use a new projector as an excuse to upgrade to a wider screen (e.g., 16:9 = 100"×58", or 1.85:1 = 107"×58") that would be... compelling.

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CSS again

Dear Lazyweb,

I think my last example was too stripped down and was hiding problems. Let's try that again with a complete document: test.html.

What I'm seeing is: css1.gif. What I want to be seeing is this: css2.gif.

<LJ-CUT text=" --More--(41%) ">

In the first one, the top margin of the heading box escapes out of its enclosing rectangle. This is visible in two places (look at them side by side.)

  • "Heading One" is too close to the top edge of the window (it is overlapping the document's outer bounding box.)
  • "Heading Three" overlaps the enclosing table, meaning that the top edge of the box around the heading does not line up with the top edge of the image to its left.

So, CSS gurus, tell me how to edit that file to make it look like css2.gif.

If you think you know how to fix this, please try it out by editing the file instead of just saying "you need to use a DIV inside a SPAN and change the ziggurat mode to inverted", because I think what's going on here is more complicated than it at first appears.

Admitting Defeat

startled's comment has convinced me that, while it might be possible to acomplish this with CSS in a way that will work in the current crop of browsers, any solution will be flaky and fragile, and it's just far, far more trouble than it's worth. So I'm going back to a table-based layout.

All I wanted to do was put a dumb box around my headings. This, apparently, is rocket science with CSS. But with tables, it will work just fine in every browser shipped in the last ten years.

Sad, really.

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CSS help, again

Update: Never mind this, there's a new test case over here.
<LJ-CUT text=" --More--(3%) ">

Dear Lazyweb,

I'm trying to make a headling-like thing that is a piece of text with a box around it. I used to do this with tables, but I'm taking a hesitant sip of the CSS kool-aid again. I'm trying to give a SPAN a "border" and "padding", and that almost works... except when the SPAN is near the top of the document (or table cell sub-document) in which case, the box runs out past the top margin.

But if I change the "display" from "inline" to "block", then the box takes up the full width of the page, which is not what I want either. How do I make it go?

    This is the top margin of the sub-document, right here.


    Isn't that nice, how it overlaps all over the place. Adding "margin" affects its horizontal placement, but not vertical.

    "View Source" to see what's going on.

Oh, awesome, this looks different under my LJ style than it does when I just save it to a file on its own. Here's what I was seeing before I posted it:

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