when furries dress as humans, part 2

(see also.)

From drtenge, who has filled my Web Horror quotient for the month at least. Don't click. Really.

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19 Responses:

  1. That's just disturbing in a yarn fetish kind of way.

  2. ammitbeast says:

    I've heard of bones knitting, but this is the first time I've seen a knitted bone...

    (But it will take more than Viagra to get that thing hard. Maybe it needs some darts knitted into it--?)

  3. chrs says:

    not even touching that one...

  4. ding_0_ says:


    She also has done a Chicken with a cock, a rainbow full body monkey suit (compleate with anatomy), mermaids and a series of huge boobs so that guys can ride in the critical tits parade at BM.

  5. airmax says:

    that japanese crap two times in a row really make me ... sad

    • carbonunit says:

      Yeah, same here. It's like, here's this society of people searching so hard for something, trying all these bizarre workarounds and patches on their sexuality, and never really getting anywhere. Usually rempant creativity in any field would please me, but Japanese perversions strike me more as an entire population crying forhelp.

      • jabberwokky says:

        Then what does this say about Baltimore (where she lives) and Jersey (where she grew up)?

        She's from the United States. Went to School of Art Institute of Chicago.

        • ding_0_ says:

          Baltimore? We have John Waters and Divine. We payed $750K for a 51 foot Borofsky Male/Female statue to be the first thing you see coming out of the train station into the city. I think Baltimore might have some issues. Have you seen what we do to crabs?

          (Everyone I know hates the statue FWIW, It's a derivitive work that wasn't very interesting in the first place)

        • carbonunit says:

          Geez, Baltimore? Say no more squire, say no more!

  6. lushlush says:

    I don't think it can get any more horrific than this.

  7. drtenge says:

    hay there!...i've been getting 40+ comments from seemingly left-wing liberal democrats with IT backgrounds all morning...i think you might have something to do with it, because i think that "don't click" thing wasn't warning enough.

    oh, and sorry for the rude comment towards "anonymous" about the patent on that picture, it was internet paranoia acting...i thought i was being warned by the illustrator of that drawing, i hope you understand!


    • jwz says:

      When nerds attack!

      • drtenge says:

        hey, they're your crowd!!

        but i'm grateful, yes...more comments to plow through, more reluctance not to post pictures because of that ;)

        oh, and hey...and add me back then, clearly we should be neighbours!

        • jwz says:

          No way man, I don't need to be confronted by middle-aged naked trannies as my first click of the morning.

          Uh, I mean, "good job!"

          • drtenge says:

            fair enough...i'll know you'll be visiting again before the month is over.

            you just can't get around middle-aged trannies in the morning!

            (...and good job back, your journal is soothing on every level)

  8. bonniegrrl says:

    is it bad that i think that's actually kinda cute?

  9. nickharbour says:

    I just saw this same chick walking around baltimore again today in a new yarn suit. This new one didn't have any genitalia but it completely covered her, head and all. She just walks around like that...